This new release marks the 10th anniversary of the Mod!
On 2007/10/07, Zexoin published her first pack with one sound added to a Dragon emote. Some progress has been done since, but you always have to start somewhere. I joined the project a few days later to help with debugging.
At this time, emotes were completely silent and that motivated us to make them more lively with sounds.

However, this is just a maintenance release to match new Blight client changes. Live shards players can update their Mod without problem, but they won't notice any change until Blight client is rolled to Live Shards.

v2.3.2 (October 17, 2017)

- 10th anniversary release!
- Aligned to v395.53.1 official client files adding new animations for sleeping Dragons. [Firebrand]

You can download it here:

The english guide to download on the website: