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Thread: Greetings!

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    Talking Greetings!

    I finally have an account on the forums to post a hello.

    You can usually find me on the Order shard as either Silverth, Fireth (both a pest and a good hatchie) and Synovus. Feel free to poke at me, either for help or an rp, I love to do both.

    Hope to see more folks in game.

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    Welcome on the forum, Silverth.

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    *serves silverth some delicious klava presented with a towel and a curtsy*
    welcome home! :-)

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    * Tackles Silver and gives her massive Motherly Cuddels and gives her Alphi slobber kisses. Smiles and kisses her nose *

    Welcome to the forums Silver.
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    Thank you for the welcomes. -bows to her elders and returns her mothers affections equally- I'm glad to finally be here.

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