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Thread: Talk to the Team: Knight of Creation

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    Quote Originally Posted by meepsa View Post
    From what I can see it's more that it's still about summoning (after all, you have to summon your gear still I'd think)
    You don't "have" to summon your gear. you just have the ability to do so. And i realize that going overboard on summoning would be more worth using conjurerer for such things. Just unsure of making a summoning class into a summoning tanker.. it sounds well... a bit illogical. but I am still open to seeing how this plays out

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    Another thought on KNOC summoned shield: because it's a magical summons, give it an extra block bonus vs. magical type attacks. Could also give the summoned sword a parry bonus vs. magical melee attacks. That would give KNOC a 'tank vs. magic' specialization.
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    Did anyone get chance to try KNOC after remake?
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    Yeah, though I only started and can't be bothered leveling it really. So far it's "ok" I like how you got a specialization, however if there's one thing I very much dislike is the fact that Shield Slam from the shield needs a "Blocked Attack" (buff you gain when succesfully blocking something), since I dodge 90% of the time, block 1% of the time and get hit the other 9% so far lol (low level mobs to test upon, so that might be influencing it too). Still disliking the buff, while in a way it IS nice as it makes it more interactive than just click abilities 1-9 and its dead, I really really dislike the 3 second timer. Sometimes by the time I noticed I blocked & want to use Shield Slam, the buff ran out and no Shield Slam.
    Other than the shield slam complaint, I like it so far, but as I've said, I've got no time to level it and check it out at later levels atm. So my 'feedback' is limited to what you start with.

    A minor complaint would be the visuals, but I guess if this becomes the new KNOC, the visuals for it would be done too. As the scimitar isn't a scimitar (just a regular 1h sword) & the greatsword, is the exact same 1h sword. I believe when I played, it even got swung like one O.o
    But thats ignorable, since it doesn't affect gameplay really & I know it isn't a real priority. :)
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    Wanted to elaborate on how the school turned out and to help those who might be interested in helping test it.

    1) We turned the KnoC into a Tank school. That means it now comes with a few abilities that are designed to directly affect agro. One of the main new additions is an AoE ability called Battle Roar.

    2) KnoC has specializations that allow you to summon a Scimitar (graphics pending), a Claymore or a Shield. Each specialization comes with its own set of abilities.

    - Scimitar gives you Blinding Strike (lowers target's to-hit chance) and Mighty Blow (a stun).
    - Claymore gives you Wrathful Strike (lowers target's to-hit chance) and Heavy Blow (a stun).
    - Shield gives you Advanced Blocking (upon a successful block you gain a temporary buff), Shield Slam (taunt and stun) (consumes the temporary buff from blocking), Brandish (taunt and increases block chance against next attack), Defensive Wall (massive increase in blocking, reduces outgoing damage).

    3) KnoC's also gained the following abilities:
    - Blessing of Istara - 1 Hour gift, gives bonuses to Parry, Block, Armor and Outgoing Damage.
    - Armor Stance - Massive increase to armor, reduces outgoing damage.
    - Absorption Shield - Temporary buff, absorbs all incoming damage while reducing outgoing damage. Fades after a number of hits or damage.
    - Deflection - A passive, chance on next successful block to receive a buff that increases outgoing damage of next attack.
    - Riposte - A passive, on successful parry, perform an automatic retaliatory attack back to the target with increased damage.

    Hope this helps explain how the school works and what its features are. In addition, there are a couple quests obtained from the Demonte Seviris in Dalimond.
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    So far I am inpressed by what I see on KNoC. Though there are still some issues. I need to make new armors for him to fully test his ability to actually tank. I had a rough time just fighting T5 treants and such when using Roar. For him to be a tank, he will definity require a healer to be present when you are in heavy mob areas, let alone near a boss. I am not thrilled with the fact you need a lot of new hotkeys for each shield and sword you equip, as each gives you a different set of skills. You have to equip each item and hot key those new abilities before going into battle, so be fore warned. After equipping a sword or shield (specialized) new abilities will be available under the General Ability Tab, in case you are having trouble finding them (some passive, some not).

    This will take some getting used to, but I will have to wait and see if they improve anything more. The ability Shield Slam, needs a bit more explanation or description. As it makes you wait for a "shield Blocking" to be available. I didn't know you had to sit and watch you Buff window till you see one pop-up. This is very distracting, as you can't watch your health, mob health and watch for a Blocking 1/1 to appear. Sometimes, there are just too many buffs on you to even see that one appear. Should be usable anytime, but maybe on a timer before reuse ???? I just can't sit watching my buff window, or making it so large that it takes up even more room on my screen, plus it only lasts about 3 seconds in which you have that time to use it? Make it save your point / points up to 5 would be a better solution. Sort of like making blood dolls.

    This is just another blinding strike atm:
    - Claymore gives you Wrathful Strike (lowers target's to-hit chance) and Heavy Blow (a stun).

    Brandish: (I don't understand)
    Effect brandish: +500 block bonus. Removed after 1 hit taken. Here's the problem, you can only cast it on enemy? why would you give +500 block bonus to enemy?? target yourself or another player and get message "invalid target"

    Nice job so far, but a bit confusing if you aren't familiar with this setup. I have 2 alts with lvl 100 KNoC
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