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    Hello Istarians,

    In case you didn't know, Istaria Reference was originally developed using my own databases that I painfully try to keep up to date, manually. I try to keep track of delta notes and anything in the database that might be affected, I'll try to update it. I sometimes miss things. Real life sometimes prevents speedy updates.

    How wonderful would it be if I just directly query Virtrium's database so everything displays in real time? Well, several pros and cons to that as you can imagine; cons usually have higher priority.

    We all miss the's Plot Finder, so I've created a tool that attempts to be a clone of what you see when you view the Community window in game. This would be impossible trying to maintain in my own database. I'd have to manually visit every community in the game, daily to keep that up to date. No way! But, Virtrium has graciously allowed me to query their database (just one web page for now). This means everything shows in real time!

    My original plan was to make it so it could be queried to show all plots that are for sale or in a certain price range, kind of like . But those can return about 1000-1700 records. I can't in good conscious allow their SQL server to be hit that hard for that many records per query.

    For now, I've made it so you can display/search one community at a time. I'll probably in next few days, add some filters so you can make it not show owned plots or filter by price range, but it'd still be one community at a time. I'll see about trying to be clever and possibly allowing multiple communities to be queried, but I don't think I can make it search every plot in the game in one search. I might have to leave it pretty much as is, minus some filters.

    You'll see a new link on called Plot Finder. So check it out and I hope it helps the players to do their homework while they research a good home to find for their Plot or Lair
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    Default Re: Plot Finder

    one of the filters i would add is one on plot size. I think this can just be done on square or cubic depending if its a biped or dragon plot.

    Also I would add one that can be used all time for dragon or biped.

    Thank you for the affords. this is much appreciated. I would have liked this to have been available when I was plot hunting.

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    I was waiting for the moment something like this would return! I agree with gkoster - add some filters, such as plot size or if you are looking for dragon or biped plots (a checklist, not boolean). Perhaps if you wanted to make it more intricate, you could use a slider to choose the plot size instead (one for X, Y and Z for dragon plot).

    We really appreciate your hard work. Please be sure to get plenty of rest. I'm sure the community would understand.
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    Default Re: Plot Finder

    I reeeally really miss i used it so often XD. I would contact the owner so he continues updating it but i dunno who.
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    Default Re: Plot Finder

    • Added Filter for Min Price/Max Price/Show Both
    • Added Filter for Owned/For Sale/Show Both
    • Added Filter for Lair/Biped Plot/Show Both
    • Reduced max refresh (query time) per page from 5s to 2.5s
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    Default Re: Plot Finder

    This is awesome. Great addition. Thank you for all the hard work!
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    Default Re: Plot Finder

    • Added Filter for Min/Max plot dimensions (m/m)
    • New column - Corridors -- This simply shows a lair dimension like Map Pack does (5x4x10 for a 120x96x240) lair - divide x,y,z by 24.
    • New column - Price per m -- divide Plot Price by m/m to show how many coppers per m(eter). The lower the number, the better. If you have several plots for exact same price, lower price per m is more bang for the silver.
    • Community pulldown menu is now always in focus. This means you can press your up/down arrow key, on keyboard, to advance to previous/next community.
    • Reduced max refresh (query time) per page from 2.5s to 1.5s

    Tip: a common feature on this page, that is used on many Istaria References' pages.

    On the table, as you hover each row, it turns into a highlighted color to show which row you're currently hovering.

    However, you can also click on each row to highlight/unhighlight them. This helps you keep track of something to look at again later. Think of it as a checklist/reminder/to do list.
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    Default Re: Plot Finder

    This is great, thank you!!

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