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Thread: Quad Ascension - The Hatchie Herd

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    Default Quad Ascension - The Hatchie Herd

    The four hatchlings that have been zipping around Istaria every Saturday for the last few weeks are finally getting their butts together and taking to the skies in a quad ascension!

    Whoever wants to come is invited; we're curious how many people we can get to come!

    As we're all RPers, we're going to have a separate channel for anyone who wants to RP the ascension with us. It starts 2 hours prior to the actual ascension to make sure our characters are ICly good to go to boom once 3pm hits! Feel free to hop into that whenever during those 2 hours; it will likely continue after the ascension as well if all goes well.

    Location: To be determined
    Ascension Time: Saturday June 24th, 3pm EST - Gather at 2:45pm
    RP Start Time: Saturday June 24th, 1pm EST
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    It depends which server board I think is which.

    Default Re: Quad Ascension - The Hatchie Herd

    Quote Originally Posted by Racktor View Post
    Location: To be determined
    We'll be ascending at Pleasant Canyon!

    If you're not already attuned to at least Bristugo, please try to get there!

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