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    Been thinking about this over the last few days, and I might move my old golden hide to Chaos, but it's conflicting really enjoyed my time on Order.
    Any thoughts?
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    I would hate to see you desert us.
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    You could always just copy, or make a new character on Chaos. But there are benefits to moving vs copying...(you get to keep everything, like old items).

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    I intend on staying in order for what it's worth. But I do miss the times where there would be 20 plus players on. What did we do wrong?

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    I believe there is a misconception about "role play" and what it's like on Order. Once when I was playing another game I joined a guild that was role play and I usually couldn't even understand what they were talking about; they never explained any of the things they referred to that had occurred before I joined the guild and somehow expected me to understand what was real and what wasn't. I haven't ever experienced that in this game on Order.
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