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Thread: Talk to the Team: Stances

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    No, I didn't hotkey them to switch, they just switch all by themselves. I love that and hope it's not a bug that will now be removed because I opened my gnome trap and said so...
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    huh, you're probably the only one then :o
    never had mine switch by themselves
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    When I think of stances and how they used to work, I mainly used them defensively. I knew that in green I took more damage from certain attacks in red. So when the mob used red I switched to blue. The new ones just feel like something players will use (a particular one) and forget about switching or using another all that much. But a "stance" to me, is a combat pose, either one more offensive or defensive. So for combat, I wouldn't make them at all the "+Damage" (the one most players would use). It's just another damage boost, and we got a lot of those already.

    What I would think about, would be keeping the stance purpose of being both offensive and defensive at the same time, like the old ones. Because then, you always had to be on your toes, and was less often a use and forget type ability.

    so, say Red does 10% more damage to targets in Green, but takes 10% more damage from targets in Blue. Honestly this is pretty good combat mechanic as it is (if the mobs used them that is). The only reason they fell by the wayside, was at some point ages ago, it was decided that the mobs shouldn't use stances anymore. I don't know at all why that change was made, but I think all the mobs should get to use stances. And be able to swap them every so often, at least in the case of what would be a "Smarter" mob like the WA. dumber mobs like say golems could say use a stance when it spawns and not bother to change it. but humanoid or dragon mobs would switch them up often in fights (so as to be more challenging).

    they could be renamed from red green blue. and there could be a few more in the mix. Like Yellow and Purple, and Red would take more damage from Blue and Yellow, and do more damage to green and purple (for example). But the mobs should definitely also get all the new stances, and at least 1 stance needs to be a counter or defense against another.

    So I suppose my thinking on them would be 1) give all the mobs the stances, and 2) the players should be kept on the defense during combat. so having to choose proper stance to stop taking additional damage. To keep it from being too strong, it could be that Red does 5% more damage to Green, but takes 10% more damage from Blue (or whatever names they end up as). and neutral would take all the increased damage from all the stances, so the player has to use stances to keep the damage "normalized" at the original damage amounts... cause if they don't the incoming damage would go up.

    Now, all of the ideas you had such as Improved recycle, +damage, chance for extra attack. I like those, but think they could be better used to help boost certain schools that need it. like monk, spearman, crossbowman. so they could be new class abilities (and either masterable or not), that helps boost classes that need it. maybe save them for certain class revamps. Like the chance to cause a bleed could be a new ability for spearman that applies to 1hp attacks. And also, however those types of abilities are implemented, mobs should also get them (maybe even slightly better versions).


    As an alternative to the above, and more in line with Amon's ideas, the +Damage stance could be "+10% damage on next three attacks" after which it provides no more benefit and fades... They would have recycles of 30 sec or 1 min maybe. so they would be used, after which the player could use a different stance, but not go back to a particular one for 60 seconds... that would ensure that they are tactically used, and not be a static thing players mindlessly click on when they login and never change...

    Also, they all need to be abilities with 0 pre or post delay (or very near to 0).
    If they have any significant combat delay, they might not always be worth using.
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