Greetings all Masons and Fitters of Journeymen-level skill or better. I am in need of your skills to complete several silos on the plot of my alt, Mralti. His plot is in Falathien, at map co-ordinates 300/292.

There are 22 T4 silos, all surrounding the perimeter of the plot, that need completed. The individual materials are paid out, at the following rates, per each unit applied:

Obsidian Keystones - 4s 500c
Granite Keystones - 3s 500c
Cobalt Joints - 4s 500c
Steel Joints - 3s 500c
Obsidian Blocks - 4s
Granite Blocks - 3s
Cobalt Sheets - 4s
Steel Sheets - 3s

There is over 45 GOLD reserved for these silos, in total...make as much or as little as you like, until they are done!
Pad and Portal next to the plot, and a Vault Keeper is very nearby.
Expert Machine Shops available, on the plot.

All available work is first come, first served.
Sorry, no Carpentry work available, at this time.

Thanks for your consideration.