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Blight Updates Blight Delta 298 Istaria Community Manager
May 17, 2017
  • Decorations added to the Rift
  • Growling Purple Presents now use the proper loot table
  • Lemnus now provides attunement to Frostwatch
  • Greater and Lesser Epic Auras will no longer conflict with each other.
  • Ancient Barasavian Charm (tech kit) now properly requires the correct quest to use.
  • The Sigil of Telak no longer requires you to be a dragon to wear, but requires level 40 adventure instead of level 7.
  • Holy Armament of Istara (I through IV) now give the proper buff.
  • Tsraari’s Spirit Form Aura Effect now properly makes you glow instead of giving you a ‘no asset’ box.


Blight Updates Blight Client 394.66.5 Istaria Community Manager
May 15, 2017


  • Hubert Hufflebing and Lem Berenrick now use the proper channels when talking to the player during The Cult of Telak questline.
  • The two new dragon markings (tiger striping and ripple) have gotten a hefty anti-pixelation treatment and should appear much smoother and clearer.


  • The dragon eating animations have been redone to be much more natural to the race.
  • Create Special Target Frame For GM
  • Support for teleporter regions
  • Idle animation support for a quest not being completed

Blight Updates Launcher v4.50 Istaria Community Manager
May 3, 2017


  • Character copy functionality between Chaos and Order added

Live Updates Live Client 394.66.0 Istaria Community Manager
May 2, 2017


  • Updated map tiles to be accurate
  • Reduce shadow size of sand beetles
  • Formatting of quest available list

Live Updates Live Client 394.65.0 Istaria Community Manager
April 19, 2017


  • The default dragon sit animation has been greatly slowed down and extended to avoid the ‘too much sugar’ effect.


  • Build a planned structure and when successful from server, removes from planning window

Live Updates Live Client 394.63.0 Istaria Community Manager
April 12, 2017


  • Crash fix for right click on player and select ignore
  • Crash fix for greet
  • Fix pet flying
  • Synchronize pet animation scaling with player animation lod (no more choppy pet animations when viewed from a distance)
  • Small improvement to performance of playing animations

Live Updates The Cults Chapter II Istaria Community Manager
April 11, 2017

Content Summary

  • Major overhaul of player communities on the mainland.  Plots have been merged or enlarged, towns beautified, portals and pads added to some.
  • Monk levels 1 to 10 has been given an upgrade.
  • New Rachival and surrounding lands have undergone a transformation that includes new monsters and quests!


Blight Updates Blight Client 394.58.0 Istaria Community Manager
April 5, 2017


  • Idleanimation single file controlling multiple NPCs with same name (like ‘New Rachival Defender’ )
  • Add right click ignore for players
  • Fix movement of pets on irregular terrain (they will stay on the terrain when running really fast)
  • Allow some monsters to stick to the the terrain


Blight Updates Blight Delta 297 Istaria Community Manager
April 3, 2017
  • A spiritual remnant of Karvanoth now retells the story of the Hours of Frost
  • Master Cargo Boots now properly creates Steelsilk Cargo Boots instead of Steelsilk Cargo Belts.

Blight Updates Blight Delta 296 Istaria Community Manager
March 28, 2017
  • Teleport Pads and Gates that previously allowed access to the “Settlements and Shepherd’s Island” group will once again allow access.
  • Reworked the cost of portals and pads across Istaria.
  • Dragons have one new marking pattern.
  • All new items introduced in the Scourge of Akkinelos and The Cult of Telak questlines now have proper icons.


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