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Blight Updates Blight Delta 284 Istaria Community Manager
May 4, 2016
  • Fix Holy Symbols: The Tomb of Moravvis step 5 dialog
  • Updated constraints for Niesa’s Fate 1-6. You will now need to have completed the previous quest to acquire new quest.
  • Most furniture is now collidable.
  • Shift NPC around in Dalimond

Blight Updates Blight Delta 283 Istaria Community Manager
May 3, 2016
  • Life Breath now uses stars instead of bubbles
  • Falgut’s Aura of Enslavement is now wider and properly interrupts ability and item use.
  • Falgut will now move, attack and spawn followers.
  • Adamantium Golems now properly resists mind damage.
  • Drulkar’s Wrath, Volcano, Shining Blades, Dark Cyclone and Burning Archer now both recycle every 300 seconds (down from 600).
  • Guardian of Rage now has more health
  • Valkor the Impaler now has more health
  • Fallen Plague-Dragons and Plague-Warriors now have more health
  • Son of Gigaroth now has slightly less health
  • Son of Gigaroth’s followers are now known as the Son’s Shield


Blight Updates Blight Client 390.55.0 Istaria Community Manager
May 2, 2016


  • Add new format for ChatPromotePlayer


Live Updates Live Client 390.47.0 Istaria Community Manager
April 26, 2016


  • Fix for crash during trading.

Blight Updates Blight Client 390.43.0 Istaria Community Manager
April 24, 2016


  • Texture on cargo disk
  • Change ability being removed feedback message


  • Vendor confirmation/warning when item being traded is not usable
  • ENB Converter integration - Thanks Boris!

Live Updates Live Client 390.40.1 Istaria Community Manager
April 19, 2016


  • Minor adjustments to Idleactions Action_Text amended to include Channel


  • Quests require free access accounts to be below level 15


  • Date format for quests
  • Make planning window more forgiving for structure placement


Live Updates Live Client 390.36.2 Istaria Community Manager
April 12, 2016


  • Support for large memory
  • Filter for General Abilities
  • Display warning if trying to delete a large number of raw resources or refined resources
  • Split up hotkey editor lists - thank you Jessolt


  • Marble golem texture
  • Fine tuning Idleanims
  • Teleport pads were setup to be occluders - this would break dPVS (source of the problem teleports to Dralnok’s Doom)
  • Myloc combat results don’t appear
  • If dropdown doesn’t fit below, and doesn’t fit above, then show it below (used to show above)
  • Crash fix for item requirements check and never joined an Adventure school
  • Frost hound names float in their belly
  • Fix for Abomination boss music playing
  • Pet jitter / position
  • Prevent Auto Deconstruct from Deconstructing non-deconstructable items

Blight Updates Blight Client 390.35.0 Istaria Community Manager
April 8, 2016


  • More pet movement tweaks


Blight Updates Blight Deltas 281 and 282 Istaria Community Manager
March 29, 2016

Delta 281:

  • Memorial Structure: Dryad, Elven, Human and Saris Cenotaph - some construction keystones and blocks incorrectly required Fitting Mallet tool instead of Masonry Trowel.
  • Memorial Structure: Elven Cenotaph will now show up in the plot construction list of buildable structures.
  • (Hourly) Fending Off Grulets quest will now correctly show the quest log step to Speak to Rancher Elden.
  • Shoulder Red-Rumped Parrot is now available from Purple Cashier in Winter Festival. Thank you Miira !
  • Beginner Snowball now lists as a Gadget instead of Spell in formula filters.
  • Spells: Stupidity and Scatterbrain will no longer conflict and fail to cast when teched with Spell: Deranged tech)
  • Spells: Malady will no longer conflict when teched with Spell: Bane
  • Enraged Shining Wisps will now attack properly again.


Live Updates Live Client 390.19.0 Istaria Community Manager
March 25, 2016


  • Terrain disappearing

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