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Blight Updates Blight Client 388.50.0 Istaria Community Manager
September 3, 2015


  • Fix for shut down lock up / running in background


Blight Updates Blight Delta 278 Istaria Community Manager
September 1, 2015

Spirit Isle Quests:

  • Gravus' Scholar Quest III will now properly give crafting experience, instead of adventurer experience. Scholar quests are no longer repeatable.
  • Gravus' Outfitter quests are no longer repeatable.
  • Gravus' Blacksmith quests are no longer repeatable. Gravus Blacksmith IV now also gives coin award.
  • Typos with Ryson Stormbringer dialogue
  • Typos fixed in Cellardus’ greet dialogue. Quests dialogue errors/typos: Mage Part II, Mage Part III


Live Updates Launcher 4.18 Istaria Community Manager
August 26, 2015
This update fixes an issue with being unable to create a new character if the last character selected was archived.

Live Updates Live Client 388.45.0 Istaria Community Manager
August 25, 2015
  • Add back in aspect ratio checking - this code was catching bad aspects and preventing rendering.
  • More fixes to moving between resolutions / window resizing / minimized or maximized / full screen.
  • Fixes so that gamma doesn't persist when changing between windowed and non-windowed mode.
  • Initial changes to support Steam integration.
  • Tweaks to improve frame rate on high end computers.

Live Updates Client 388.39.0 Istaria Community Manager
August 19, 2015
  • Optimize handling of rendering errors when in non-debug mode to improve performance
  • Fixes for alt-tab and windows key when in full screen
  • Moved fpsTarget into prefs/ClientPrefs_Common.def so it can be changed at run time with /setpref fpsTarget n

Live Updates Client 388.35 Istaria Community Manager
August 16, 2015


  • Set minimum window size to 100x100 instead of 800x600. This is for some players dual log in or other needs for strange window sizes.
  • Remove FPS throttling code.
  • Fix for line breaks in text.

Live Updates Summer Update 2015 Istaria Community Manager
August 11, 2015

The Summer Update 2015 is finally out the door and contains all sorts of fixes and tweaks to improve Istaria. As announced in the Developer's Desk Summer 2015 post, the development team has been focused on fixes and tweaks. While these sorts of updates are not as exciting as new content, they are important and why the developers have committed a block of time for this work. This update includes many fixes to quests, world content, the game interface and crash fixes (and even a few performance improvements).

Some of the more important updates are:

  • Updated many resource nodes on Abandoned Isle to match (spawn appropriate resources) to nearby Imperial machines.
  • New Tier 4 and 5 Crafting boons introduced. All boons can now be purchased from Quartermasters.
  • Daknor and Gruk no longer excessively stun you mercilessly (so much benefit in such a small change!)
  • Many, many quest, emblem, ability and item tweaks and fixes
  • Revamped trade interface with streamlined filtering options
  • Revamped sound emitter system to make those bird tweets sing true
  • Various crash fixes
  • Sound and texture fixes

The next set of updates and fixes are just around the corner, and the devs are already moving forward with the next portion of work, so stay tuned!


Blight Updates Blight Client 388.32.0 Istaria Community Manager
August 10, 2015


  • Base texture fix for dragon skin 1 ( - Thank you Savador)
  • When client doesn’t have focus, continue rendering (allows dual logins)


Live Updates Chaos Restart Istaria Community Manager
August 10, 2015

Chaos is back online.

We hate to do this so close to a maintenance period but unfortunately we are not going to be able to fix the connectivity problems on Chaos without restarting the shard.  We expect to have Chaos back online between 5:30 and 6:00 PM PDT.

Blight Updates Blight Restart Istaria Community Manager
August 5, 2015

Quick Blight restart at 12:15 PM PDT.  Should only take about 45 minutes.

Blight is back online.

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