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Blight Updates Blight Delta 289 Istaria Community Manager
October 27, 2016
  • Tier I Flame spells (Bolt, Strike, Bomb, Spear), no longer say target is immune and Burned effect works correctly.
  • Forgotton Souls are now Forgotten Souls
  • Private Valn Saerig now offers to attune players to Tishlar
  • Sigil of Toval now states what it conflicts with, applies correctly to Tier 3 items, and has an item-name modification.
  • Amulet of Scorpus now says what it does.
  • Quest “Plans within Plans” now refers to High Confessor instead of Senior Confessor
  • Curate Bikann’s Aura of the Forgotten will now apply to players, not monsters.
  • Confessor Tel Orthess now offers to attune players to the Tower of Healing
  • Reworked the spawns of Enraged Souls, Fallen Curates, and Defiled Graves within the Tower of Healing Canyons


Blight Updates Halloween Event Istaria Community Manager
October 25, 2016
This Saturday, October 29, we'll be having our Halloween Event. It's sure to be a scary time, so scary that you might need to do a bit of preparation. Please see the forums for further information and what to expect.

Live Updates Live Client 392.47.0 Istaria Community Manager
October 24, 2016


  • Fixes issue of not being able to greet NPC's.

Blight Updates Blight Client 392.45.2 Istaria Community Manager
October 24, 2016


  • Target window changes
  • Halloween assets (provides red and yellow fall leaves)


  • Unable to greet a character from the popup window

Blight Updates Blight Delta 288 Istaria Community Manager
October 21, 2016
  • The Cults
    • The lands along the coast of the Dalimond Bay have undergone some dramatic changes including more growth of trees and more thanks to the continued efforts by the Dryad.
    • As a result of this new growth, new monsters and enemies have moved into the regions along the Dalimond Bay. Wolves, spirits, and even more humanoid enemies can be found in these regions.
    • Tishlar, Desert Shores Outpost and the Tower of Healing have become more populated as a result of the growth and change.  Numerous quests can be obtained from these locations and its residents.
    • For those who completed the Vandus Confederation quest line in T2, speak with Micklin Vandus to begin “Vandus Confederation: Unease in Tishlar”.  Note that this quest is not required to begin the T3 quest series in Tishlar, but it does provide a bridge between the T2 and T3 storylines.


Live Updates Live Client 392.40.1 Istaria Community Manager
October 18, 2016


  • Crash fix for communication manager window if regions are not loaded
  • Camera position when head bobbing is enabled and character is scaled

Blight Updates Blight Client 392.40.0 Istaria Community Manager
October 7, 2016


  • Future content asset fixes
  • Fix for camera position when character is scaled


Live Updates Live Client 392.30.0 Istaria Community Manager
September 27, 2016


  • Desert sky experiences global warming


  • Change target selection so that unfriendly player characters show up with red selector / show bad guy icon

Live Updates Blight Client 392.28.0 Istaria Community Manager
September 22, 2016


  • Hot keys loaded can be out of alignment
  • Push fog distance to 375m so that everything is clear
  • Fix for chat window size / quest window size
  • Show “?” above NPC if there are additional quest steps available / if quest deleted, then also make sure NPC “?” is deleted
  • NPC Chat Window transparency setting applies to all NPC chat windows


  • New pref to disable attachment loading for community structures (/setpref useStructureAttachments false). Relog required.

Live Updates Live End of Summer Update Istaria Community Manager
September 6, 2016

Delta 287

  • Expert Primal Health formula requires 920 spellcraft skill to scribe.
  • Expert Excoriation formula requires level 800 lairshaping skill to scribe. Journeyman Excoriation formula requires 400 lairshaping to scribe.
  • ‘(Hourly) Clean Up The Wriggling Masses’ no longer refers to Braekhis as male.
  • Formula: Scale/Tallisman of Dance/Melody/Revelry/Feast requires any crafting school level 80 instead of current crafting school level 80
  • Crystal of Mind (Rift) crystal will now properly trigger Mind of the Void’s effect: Migraine. Chance has also been increased from  5% to 15%.
  • Crystal of Bone (Rift) crystal will now properly trigger Bone of the Void’s effect: Temporary Bleed Resistance.
  • Crystal of Heart (Rift) crystal will now properly trigger Heart of the Voids effect: Temporary Stun Resistance & Temporary Mesmerize Resistance.


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