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Blight Updates Blight Update AmonGwareth
June 12, 2006
The following additions, changes and fixes were applied to Blight on Monday, June 12, 2006


  • The Dryads have been at it again!  An extensive forest has been grown on the western coast of the Dalimond Peninsula, and a massive tree has been grown in mere weeks within sight of Bristugo.  Many Istarian Druids are excited about the prospects this new tree holds for their future.
  • Lairshaping Mastery and Crystalshaping Mastery quests now use your skill level to determine when they can be obtained, rather than your Lairshaper school level.
  • Baltorris the Imperial Engineer has made a discovery beneath the Imperial Outpost for interested Tailors, Outfitters and Weavers.
  • Added “Mage's Quest:  Speak with Rennis in Kion about further training” to Ulaven the Mage in New Trismus.  This quest is available to Mages at level 10.
  • Added “Cleric's Quest:  Speak with Mera in Kion about further training” to Acolyte Miry in New Trismus.  This quest is available to Clerics at level 10.
  • Added new formula and processed resources for Dragon Cargo Disks.
  • The New Rachival Council has contracted with the Vielo to construct a new travel gate in the community of Heather.
  • The undead have begun fortifying the road between Parsinia and Sslanis on Lesser Aradoth.
  • Azulyte Transmutation Mastery quest now uses your skill level to determine when you can obtain it, rather than your Lairshaper school level.
  • The Withered Aegis have constructed additional fortifications within the Staging Area.
  • Tiers 1 – 6 Lunus and Helian Essence Channelers, Smelters and Stoneworking Pedestals now provide a bonus to the Lairshaping skill.
  • Beginner, Journeyman and Expert Smelters no longer provide a bonus to the Dragon Scalecrafting skill.


  • V'Tieru and Vladtmordt will no longer offer you the AROP quests again if you are an ancient.
  • The “Go Bag 5 Lava Golem Materia” will now be offered by the Trophy Hunters at level 75 instead of 65.
  • Lowered the damage/healing bonus on the special techniques given as rewards on New Trismus.
  • The “Special Pants Quest” will now work with the Ghost of Sammy Specialpants.
  • Quest “Acquire an Imbued Silver Claw” now refers to Silver Golem Fragments instead of Shards.
  • Balanced the spawn for Tsunami the named Greater Water Golem.
  • Water Golems near the Lakes of Crystal Tears are now known as Greater Water Golems.
  • Water Golems near Spider Isle southeast of Kion are now known as Lesser Water Golems.
  • Basiliak the Gnome Tailor in Pajalsti has undergone a radical new procedure (the first sex change operation in Istarian history!) and is now male instead of female.
  • Technique kits, such as dye kits, can no longer be applied to equipped items.
  • Williwaw's “No Entry” augmentation for the Wedding Quest now has a 5 minute timer.

Blight-Only Changes:

  • All Pawn Brokers on Blight will charge half the normal amount when selling items and will pay double the normal amount when buying items from players.  This includes specialized NPCs such as Trainers, Trophy Hunters, and Vielo.
  • All experience gains on the Blight server are doubled.

Client Changes/Fixes:

  • Added two new prefs for character texture LOD: charTextureLOD and charTextureLODdist to support character texture LOD. Adjust the texture detail slider in the option window to see varying levels of detail.
  • Update to sound system to support newer sound cards and fix sound play issues, such as looping combat sounds, or no music playing.

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