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Live Updates Live Update AmonGwareth
June 14, 2006
The following changes, fixes and additions were made to the Live shards on Wednesday, June 14, 2006:

Pref File Overhaul:
The Pref file system has been overhauled with this update.  This means that your pref files will be reset  in order to take advantage of some house-cleaning, new features, and optimizations.  This is a one-time only change.

  • Restructured the pref files for ease of use - this will RESET current prefs.
  • Added two new prefs for character texture LOD: charTextureLOD and charTextureLODdist to support character texture LOD. Adjust the texture detail slider in the option window to see varying levels of detail.
  • When resetting your prefs to the defaults, your key bindings will no longer be reset.  Your key bindings can now be reset directly from the “Key Bindings” screen on the Options window.
  • Chat logs can be enabled or disabled through the Options window (Options tab) without requiring full debug logging enabled.

Sound and Music Fixes/Changes:

  • Update to sound system to support newer sound cards and fix sound play issues, such as looping combat sounds, or no music playing.
  • Duplicate sounds / music will no longer overlap.
  • Direct sound will now be used for all audio instead of wave output.

Other Fixes/Changes:

  • Improved memory performance when teleporting.
  • If a player search would have returned more than 50 results, a message will be displayed stating that the results were truncated.
  • Particle effects associated with spells will now scale based on the character's skill level.
  • Dragging multiple items from a storage structure into the player's inventory will work when the inventories are in list view rather than grid view.
  • Support for drag and drop technique kits on spells that are already scribed.
  • Right-click "Take..." will work properly on quest generated loot.
  • Fixed issue with quest links not being correctly underlined.
  • Fixed the issue where the Notepad window would save an extra space after each line, each time you saved.
  • Your character's head will now turn when you have “free look” mode enabled.

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