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Live Updates July Live Shard Update AmonGwareth
July 5, 2006
The following additions, changes, and fixes were applied to the Live shards on Wednesday, July 5, 2006:

Client Features and Fixes:

  • When the map window is opened, if you have a grounded cargo disk, there will be a marker on the map indicating its location.
  • You can now invite a character to join your group by right-clicking on their name in the People Window (from your friends list).
  • Gathering from corpses will no longer cause them to play the death animation.
  • Corrected the problem of two music emitters playing music at the same time. The closest emitter will now take priority.
  • Corrected problems with music stopping and not switching to default music.
  • Ambient sounds no longer loop after teleport.sorry
  • Sounds associated to Gale Wind, or other attacks with the same animation will now have sound.
  • Sounds associated to Tail Whip and Slash type attacks will now be played.

Quests and Rewards:

  • Ulaven the Mage is seeking Mages (level 10 or higher) to help with various assignments.
  • Acolyte Miry has received word that her mentor, Rector Mera, is seeking Clerics (level 10 or higher) to assist her with duties.
  • Reports of a new enemy on New Trismus known as the Grand Magus have surfaced. Gifted (level 10 or higher) are asked to investigate by speaking with Frelic the Militia Surplus Officer.
  • Travelers have been waylaid by a violent Wild Gruok named Red Tusks on the roads of New Trismus. Elainor the Guard is looking for adventurers (level 7 or higher) to assist her with the problem.
  • Nielenoss the Tinker has knowledge he is willing to impart to qualified Dragon Crafters (scalecraft of 160).
  • Baltorris the Imperial Engineer has made a discovery beneath the Imperial Outpost for interested Tailors, Outfitters and Weavers.
  • The Ghost of Sammy Specialpants is again offering to teach crafters how to make his special brand of pants.  Seek him out near the ruins of his former house!
  • The Azulyte Transmutation Mastery quest now uses your skill level to determine when you can obtain it, rather than your Lairshaper school level.
  • The coin reward for the quest “Warrior's Quest: Collect a Fang from the Alpha Wolf” has been lowered to be in line with other quests on the island.
  • Steward Pratt McGrubben has taken over the duties of administering the Trials of the Gifted from the Imperial Herald.
  • V'Tieru and Vladtmordt will no longer allow you to take the Ancient Rite of Passage again if you are already an ancient.
  • The “Go Bag 5 Lava Golem Materia” will now be offered by the Trophy Hunters at level 75 instead of 65.
  • Quest “Acquire an Imbued Silver Claw” now refers to Silver Golem Fragments instead of Shards.
  • Williwaw's “No Entry” augmentation for the Wedding Quest now has a 5 minute timer.
  • Quest “Dragon: Recover the Carapace of Gritus Maximus” will now delete the carapace when you return to Zebeginia.
  • Quest “Smelting Mastery X: Craft 140 Mithril Bars” will no longer refer to Mining instead of Smelting.
  • Quest “Go Bag 5 Small Ice Beetle Compound Eyes” will no longer refer to Saplings.
  • Vladtmordt will now respond to you instead of Lysandia in the “Dragon Quest: Simulated Scale of the Prime” when asking you for a gold golem fragment.
  • The quest “Sslanis Marshall Quest: The Honored Dead Part 3” will now count Sslik Skeleton Ravagers.
  • Quest “Smelting Mastery V: Craft 70 Steel Bars” will now refer to smelting instead of mining.

World and Community:

  • The Dryads have been at it again! An extensive forest has been grown on the western coast of the Dalimond Peninsula, and a massive tree has been grown in mere weeks within sight of Bristugo. Many Istarian Druids are excited about the prospects this new tree holds for their future.
  • The New Rachival Council has contracted with the Vielo to construct a new travel gate in the community of Heather.
  • Hoody Wearns, an odd little Gnome near the community of Pajalsti on Genevia, has become rather chatty of late!
  • The undead have begun fortifying the road between Parsinia and Sslanis on Lesser Aradoth.
  • The Withered Aegis have constructed additional fortifications within the Staging Area south of Harro.
  • A forest has begun to grow in the Valley between Genevia and Istara's Loom on Genevia Island.
  • The Valley between Genevia and Istara's Loom is sticky with the Residue of Dim Essence.
  • Imperial Cartographers have catalogued and labelled numerous regions across Istaria and made their new maps available to all Gifted.
  • A new type of Azulyte, known as Dark Azulyte, has been discovered in Istaria.
  • Elden, a Rancher, has built a corral for the cows outside of New Trismus.
  • Pale Wisps have returned to the Dalimond Peninsula.
  • Ambassador Chauncy and Fredrica Jones have decided to take a "vacation"... we know not when they will return.
  • The Imperial Herald in New Trismus has been recalled to Tazoon for reassignment of duties.
  • The Imperial Building Commission has stopped issuing building permits for Fiendish Consignment Stores and Saris Adventure Centers.
  • Due to recent interruptions in her supply network, Nadia has been forced to raise her prices.
  • The deer have migrated out of the valley between Genevia and Istara's Loom on Genevia Island.
  • Basiliak the Gnome Tailor in Pajalsti has undergone a radical new procedure (the first sex change operation in Istarian history!) and is now male instead of female.
  • Beginner, Journeyman and Expert Smelters no longer provide a bonus to the Dragon Scalecrafting skill.


  • Monsters will reduce their radius of aggressiveness against players rated higher than they are.
  • Monsters have become unpredictable...They may attack you from farther than they used to, but there is also an increasing chance they will not attack as run away in fear.
  • Mhedon the Mithril Golem's visitations will not be as forseeable in the future.
  • Fewer Mithril Golems have been spotted in the canyons of Mithril's Anvil in recent weeks.
  • Angry, Ferocious, Skalkaar, and Spirit Isle Grulets have begun hoarding treasure and are again harvestable for hide and meat.
  • Wild Grulets are now harvestable for less hide and meat than Wild Gruoks.
  • Sand Beetles will no longer drop sand as treasure.
  • Beware!  Gritus Maximus and Gritus Gigantous have gone into a rage and will now attack players on sight.
  • Tsunami the Greater Water Golem will now spawn with more variability.
  • Water Golems near the Lakes of Crystal Tears are now known as Greater Water Golems.
  • Water Golems near Spider Isle southeast of Kion are now known as Lesser Water Golems.
  • Fallen Dragons will no longer use Leeching Strike as a ranged attack
  • Brown Spiders and Hatchlings will now do slash damage.
  • Tiny Grass Beetles will now do slash damage.
  • Radiant Wisps will no longer follow you around indefinitely.
  • Lord Urden's pockets are now full of treasure just begging to be emptied.
  • Valkor will no longer use the “Blood Doll” ability.
Items and Abilities:
  • When Chain Lightning transfers from one victim to another, the attack will be properly attributed to the originator of the Chain Lightning.
  • Spell technique “Concentrated” will no longer convert damage to energy.
  • Technique kits, such as dye kits, can no longer be applied to equipped items.
  • Added new formula and processed resources for Dragon Cargo Disks.  Speak with Nielenoss the Tinker near New Rachival for additional information about this great discovery!
  • Lowered the damage/healing bonus on the special techniques given as rewards on New Trismus.
  • Crawler Poison Sacs are now stackable.
  • The stat buff provided by the Emblem of the Gifted has been replaced with a passive ability called “Gifted”
  • Lasting Embers crystal is now attuned upon receipt.
  • Technique kits, such as dye kits, can no longer be applied to equipped items.
  • Heart Seeker I, III and V will now do maximum damage.
  • Critical Strike I, III and V will now do maximum damage.
  • Root III will now properly cap your fly height at 0.
  • Bloodthorn Bow's Ethereal Paroxysm will now apply to the targeted monster instead of the player.
  • Soul Shield IV will now longer overwrite Soul Shield V.
  • Corrected the minimum and maximum skill requirement for Glass Vials in the following potion formulas:
    • Journeyman Bolster Armor Potion
    • Journeyman Bolster Dexterity Potion
    • Journeyman Bolster Focus Potion
    • Journeyman Bolster Health Potion
    • Journeyman Bolster Power Potion
    • Journeyman Bolster Strength Potion
    • Journeyman Essence Reaping Potion
    • Journeyman Ginesh's Thickened Skin Potion
    • Journeyman Latro's Evasive Aura Potion
    • Journeyman Metal Reaping Potion
    • Journeyman Organic Reaping Potion
    • Journeyman Quint's Quickstep Potion
    • Journeyman Stone Reaping Potion
    • Journeyman Vestia's Soothing Remedy Potio
    • Journeyman Wood Reaping Potion
    • Expert Blight Protection Potion
    • Expert Bolster Armor Potion
    • Expert Bolster Dexterity Potion
    • Expert Bolster Focus Potion
    • Expert Bolster Health Potion
    • Expert Bolster Power Potion
    • Expert Bolster Strength Potion
    • Expert Essence Reaping Potion
    • Expert Ginesh's Thickened Skin Potion
    • Expert Latro's Evasive Aura Potion
    • Expert Metal Reaping Potion
    • Expert Organic Reaping Potion
    • Expert Quint's Quickstep Potion
    • Expert Stone Reaping Potion
    • Expert Vestia's Soothing Remedy Potion
    • Expert Wood Reaping Potion


  • Tiers 1 – 6 Lunus and Helian Essence Channelers, Smelters and Stoneworking Pedestals now provide a bonus to the Lairshaping skill.
  • Fixed the resource requirements for Tier 4 Primal Essence and Excoriation when constructing Tier 4 Lunus and Helian Gemworking chambers.
  • Lairshaping Mastery and Crystalshaping Mastery quests now use your skill level to determine when they can be obtained, rather than your Lairshaper school level.
Discuss these changes on the forums, here.

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