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Blight Updates Blight Client 393.57.0 Istaria Community Manager
December 14, 2016


  • Fix sell all junk and hoard buttons with the oddities broker
  • Players can wear a dragon costume, and then try to use hoard - catch and return false.



  • Construction Contribute UI
    • slider bar allows click of the arrow to move the amount used by 1 unit (calculates how much you could contribute)
    • if tool needed is not equipped, UI shows red lettering for the tool and disables OK button
    • if not enough material in inventory, disables OK button
    • if resources are added to inventory, auto-calcs new max resources, etc.
    • Clicking Use Novians recalcs totals / adjusts slider to new possibility
  • When trying to delete a structure, sometimes the selected structure will shift after clicking the Okay button
  • After planning a structure and then clicking the “move” controls, the wrong structure is moved (until you select in the structure in the planned list)
  • Disable camera look when plot editing controls are pressed (alt or ctrl)
  • If clicking on plot structure, require ctrl and alt keys to rotate / move structure ( so that no confusion with look camera / unintended movement)


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