Screenies of Me, my Friends and other random things in Istaria
  1. Aaaand another tower shot!
  2. Messing around with Schwarz at the Rainbow Bridge. :D
  3. Rawr!
  4. Finally got Drulkar's Wrath today, it looks amazing!
  5. Comparing heights, hehe.
  6. Haha! Finally Ascending. :D
  7. In the Rift, getting ready to kill Elial! Ascension Screenies will be coming soon.
  8. This was at Nesia's Ascension. 
Even though it was a super long time ago, Congrats Nes for the sake of this photo!
  9. I was playing around with the Ancient mod a long while why not screenshot it? :D
  10. I decided to give Drulkar's Statue a little wing hug. ;D
  11. The Tower of Wizardry in the distance.. 
(You've probably noticed I really like taking pictures of towers ;D)
  12. I did a Dragon tower on my birthday, though there wasn't many people there it was nice
  13. When Aer drank the Flask of Distilled Acid, it was hilarious to see the reactions of people in the town xD
  14. I'm getting dizzy just looking at this! Can't remember which tower this is though, I'm guessing Nature?
  15. A night screeneh. :D
  16. This shot is of the Tower of Magery, where I'm going to be ascending with Aeritha Starheart for my Ancient Ascension
  17. I present to you the first screenshot I ever took!
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