1. Ideas for Reinvigorating Istaria (while advancing effort & avoiding the dread "p2w")

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    Despite the community's fear of an influx of "undesirables", etc, there are several ways this game could easily become "free to play" without necessarily being "pay to win", or "releasing the Kraken", etc:

    1. Kickstart with this game becoming free to play when player has backed at a particular funding level (Play for free while we use your backing to complete our porting/redesign efforts.)

    2. Implement a social collectibles system
  2. So, I did a thing... (Talk to the Team: Daily/Weekly Login Bonus)

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    How about epic items? tokens, components for making ally plaques e.g. cords, bars, ect...
    Demon, blood, and so on essence, and maybe if you log in consecutively for a year (365 days) you have the chance to win a core for the ally plaque. This will only apply to those who have a level 100 ADV school character on their account.

    Other items possibly obsolete items? I know several players who are looking for things that are no longer readily available in game. maybe a chance to