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  1. We already got each other on discord but pokes back!
  2. *pokes* Hiya!
  3. Silver!! I know this might be weird but I just decided to come t your profile to see if I somehow missed a skype or something over the years (I've been missing you all this time and have just gotten back to using the forums too this week) and saw your activity changed to yesterday but your PM s are full so - can you please poke me if you get this? I really miss you and it's been forever and aa I'm so sorry if this is weird but hi hello i hope this reaches you
  4. Siiiis~ ;p *pokepokepokepokepoke*
    I miss yooou~ ;~; Temega niea recently~? I hope you're fine and can get back on ista to finish that hunt of ours too~ <3 I really really really reaaaally miss you and I wuff you~
    Hope to see juu soon~
    -Cey, your insane, fluffy sister~ ;p
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