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  1. I am not sure why you feel the need to jump on me when all I was doing was trying to help. Please see the section where he said purple weaver and purple weaver hairs were not the same thing.
    [05/13/12 11:19:49] [MarketPlace: Krinharth] I'm looking for 6 [purple weaver leg hair] please
    [05/13/12 11:23:19] [MarketPlace: Mimir] I yold you yesterday they are off the purple weavers in the spirit swamp
    [05/13/12 11:23:24] [MarketPlace: Mimir] told*
    [05/13/12 11:24:21] [MarketPlace: Mimir] I have seen you fight, you will have no trouble killing them
    [05/13/12 11:25:30] [MarketPlace: Krinharth] I must explain it? purple weaver and purple wever hair - not the same
    [05/13/12 11:27:12] [MarketPlace: Krinharth] everitime to everione who ask something you may tell "go and get it" seems you miss market nature
    [05/13/12 11:27:30] [MarketPlace: Mimir] you miss the adventure spirit
    The rest you jumped on me, continuously had to shorten too many characters.
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