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  1. hey! i just wanted to apologize i hadnt seen your message until now on my wall! i will get started on that picture of your draggy soon!
  2. Name: Carsia Wolfsong
    Gender: Female
    Dragon Type: Ice Dragon
    Persona: Carsia's personality is based off of my own personality. Shes kind, friendly and carrying towards her own kin, but nagitive towards Bipeds because she was raised by the Lunus side. She herself is Lunus path and a warrior. Tooth and claw is her main combat and perfers to hand out with the hatchlings telling stories.

    Description: If you look at Dragon pics here on the forums. You'll see what she looks like. Although can't custimize your charecter and limited with options. She has a Star in the middle of her forhead. Sometimes when shes angry or is casting a spell her eyes turn white as snow and perfers Ice breath.
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