Blight survival guide

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As many of you know, very few people exist on the Blight shard. To find yourself in the same town as someone else is like a party - rare and exciting. Therefore, it is very important to note that, before you make a Blight toon, independence is vital. No real marketplace exists, and you'll likely find yourself short of toons if you're in need of help. (Granted, if you're lucky enough to find someone online, they might help if you ask nicely.) Such quests as the dragon's RoP - it is almost neccessary to get to at least level 70 and go it alone, unless you have an army of friends willing to pop in from Order or Chaos! As for the ARoP - Next to impossible to do. Same goes for the Volcano quests involving the slaughtering of one Myloc Queen - *cough cough* - but it's not the end of the world to not do those quests. At some point, it will be possible to do things like that, should the rare mob of toons log onto Blight and feel up to hunting with you. The channel "Old Blight" tends to have some players on at times and is a good place to start looking if going on an epic hunt. Normally, however, one must solo mobs, such as Zhaguxal or the many ARoP mobs. (Oops, my dragon's showing. ) Now that I've rambled on a bit, I shall bring it down to one point: When on Blight, be ready to be your own man/woman/dragon. There's really no other way to make it.

~Hitalqe Blanco of Blight
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