Incorrect message when attuning to Helian's Tomb

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Ok, so upon Accepting (not completing) the quest called "Helian's Tomb: Eternal Rest", it displays a message, in main chat that you are now attuned to Helian's Tomb. But this is NOT true. Upon accepting the quest (you get a confirmation in main chat you are now attuned, but that is WRONG), if you go to Bristugo and go to the Dalimond Peninsula teleporter, it shows you are NOT attuned, even though the message in main chat suggested you were, previously.

Upon completing the quest called "Helian's Tomb: Eternal Rest", it also displays this same message again: You are now attuned to Helian's Tomb. But only this time it is actually TRUE. Now if you return to Bristugo, you can now use the portal.

If you go to Bristugo, Dalimond Peninsula teleporter both times. Only when you complete the "Eternal Rest" quest, are you really attuned. But it displays the same message, in MAIN CHAT, upon both Accepting and Completing this quest!. So need to remove the message in main chat, that says you're attuned, upon accepting the "Helian's Tomb: Eternal Rest" quest.

The message saying you are now attuned to Helian's Tomb should only display upon completing the "Helian's Tomb: Eternal Rest" quest; not upon accepting the quest.

Long story short:

Remove where it says (in main chat) you are now attuned to Helian's Tomb pad when you accept the Eternal Rest quest.

It also says that when you complete the Eternal Rest quest, leave that alone, that is ok.

You are attuned to Helian's Tomb when you complete the quest (Helian's Tomb: Eternal Rest), not when you accept it...

So there are two times (accepting) and (completing) this quest... Both times you get a message in main chat "you are attuned", but only when you complete the quest, is it actually true (that you are really attuned).
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    I highly doubt the devs would read this, you might want to post it in the bugs section.