Ixenioth Beginnings - Part 1

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That is what I remember as my final time with my father and older brother. Utter Chaos..

We were suppose to go training. With news of troubles coming that could harm not only this world, but our own, all who could be able to fight, were to fight. I knew I was ready and so did my father. It been the only reason he had me join as well... beyond our family heritage amongst our kind. Though my mother was concerned, she has always been supportive... Even if her and my father's views never meshed all to well, but by Dralk, when they put their heads together-- they could move the mightiest of mountains.

We went to the train grounds.. it was away from our homelands in the rocky mountains, the grass was green, the breeze was cool.. I remember it like yesterday...

"For this training exercise." A large black dragon stated with a deep bellowing voice. His eyes like that of steel, both in stare and in color. His claws black onyx and frame like that of a bull. Yet his muzzle to head, though a few scars lined it, it had a very regal look. "You will be taking on these individuals."

The black dragon then motioned his claw over to the other group on the other side of the large valley. "You will need to remember the faces of your team, as in real combat, things can get confusing and if you can't recall the details of your team, you may, by accident, harm one of your team mates."

The black dragon then turns to face the group of hatchlings, some taller then others, some shorter. Yet his steel eyes mostly fell on to for the longer of moments. One who was black scaled like himself, with gold eyes, and dark red stripes, and the other who was slightly taller, but was solid black, not even his under belly shimmered a different color.

The two young soon followed by others stood ever straighter in the line. "As you say!" They both echoed the loudest.

"As I say indeed." The dragon rumbled, before walking away from the group. "Prepare yourselves. We will start shortly."

The hatchlings quickly moved to get what they needed from the crates that had been assembled. The solid black dragon looking down at the one who was stripped with a toothy grin before he snapped his teeth at him. "We already know, aore'nieon, that you don't stand a chance. So why don't you just give up already." The solid one walks away, before swatting his younger brother with his tail right in the face.

The younger brother to the solid black one growls at the swat, resisting the urge to bite at the very tail. More for their father's sake then actually his brother's. He shakes his head to get rid of the sting, before joining the others. The young black dragon with the red stripes soon stands ready shortly after his older brother, the two the first done. The younger one stares at his older brother for a moment. "Why do you hate me so?" He hisses out through gritted sharp teeth. "..or do you want make a mockery of our buer'Eilerten?"

The other one snorts softly before staring his younger brother in the eyes. "Because your weak and pathetic. If anyone is going to make a mockery of our line, it will be..."

Soon the bellowing voice reaches over them. "Ixenioth. Uldrath."

The two quickly stand up straight again. "At your command!" They both echo at the same time.

"I do hope that both of you," He says as his voice quiets down and he lowers his head slightly to look at them. "We will work together and not have a squabble in the middle of this, hmm? You are both my aoretaon. I expect you both to behave." He then raises up his head, before that fatherly tone leaves and the military one returns. "Do I make myself clear?"

"As you say!" The both echo once more.

It wasn't to long after this did our training start. It got confusing really quickly. He was right about that. The two, my father and the other one in charge just stood on the side lines watching. If we made a mistake, they didn't tell us, but they knew who did and once they roared out to stop. They pulled those aside who had.

My brother and I were claw to claw, tail to tail. Neither of us wanted to screw up. Neither of us wanted to be pulled out before the other. One of us, though, in our minds-- at least in mine, was going to fall out before the other.

Yet it seems the gods didn't agree with our plans. They would see us both fall together...
Because that is when it happened...

The humans came from over the hill, hundreds of them. Maybe some other races in the mix. Their leader the one my brother started a fight with. They came rushing down the hill. The details get foggy here at best, but I remember my father's voice yelling over us, including the other elder. Telling us to fall back.

But by the time we realized it. We realized what they were yelling, it was to late.

The blades came, their lances held. They cut us down one by one. My father jumped into the group, the other elder attempted to pull away those of he could.

My father.. my A'meo .. he took down several of those humans with his sheer power, but they had a net for him. A net that had magic woven into it, no matter how he struggled. The net itself was forcing his eyes to close. I remember yelling for him. I remember trying to run to him. Only to find my feet halting when I heard my brother's cry in pain.

My head veered around, to see two humans suddenly pierce their very spears right into his chest and it wasn't long after, I felt something grab the back of my horns and sling me down to the ground like someone tackling down a bull.

I saw the edge of the sword above my eye...
... Then all I saw was darkness...


"..Ixenioth..." The voice was gentle, loving, caring.. Female in nature. "Ixenioth.. wake up.. your going to be late and you know how your a'meo hates when your late. He loves you so, even if he doesn't show it. He loves both you and your nieon..."

I tried to force my eyes to open, remember my voice trying to say in our tongue, 'mom'. But it didn't come out. My voice was gone and my eyes would not open. It was cold, so very cold. Then I remember a flicker of light around me. It flicker a few times, fade, flicker again.

Soon it started to become warmer and soon I could feel a brush of air going by my body. Then I could hear a soft 'ka-thump'. It was rhythmatic in nature, before I heard her voice once more.. Just calling my name.. but it was getting distant. Further.

I panicked.. I screamed.

"RRAAAHH!!!" The young black dragon with red stripes awoken with a barn yard. His roar scaring away for a few moments some livestock that was near by him. He shook his head a few times, his eyes darting around, before he tried to stand up, only to find himself collapsing back down under his own body weight into the hay.

It wasn't long till he could hear voices. Human voices. Though what came into the barn was not human at all, but that of two nymphs. Both female and-- twins perhaps? They looked alike to his eyes. One of them placed up her hand, "Its alright, my dear dragon friend. You are safe here."

Soon the other one spoke, "We found you not far from here. Laying on the rocky beach. It seems you were washed ashore."

The black hatchling stared at them for a moment with a 'do what' facial expression if there ever was one. He tried to speak, but only coughed. He growled lowly in his own frustration.

The two nymphs looked at one another for a moment before one fluttered away, the other remaining. "My sister will get you something to help with your voice. You may have inhaled some salt water or.. something.." She says tapping her chin gently in thought. "Though I do wonder how you came to be out here."

The black hatchling grunted as he laid his head back down, just staring at the nymph with his amber gold draconic eyes.

"Well do not worry, no harm will come to you here. This farmstead belongs to a friend of ours and he will be most happy to know you are alright." She says with a warm smile. She then flutters in a bit closer before leaning down slightly keeping a warm smile on her face, "Do not tell my sister, but I think I know what you are."

The black hatchling raises an eye ridge, but doesn't really move from where he lays.

"You are one of the gifted. One who will help save us from those unnatural creatures that are blighting the lands." She then stands back up straight. "I say to not say this to my sister, because she finds such as the gift just as unnatural as the very evil, but I think different. I think it even working was a gift from the gods."

The black hatchling stares complexed by what the nymph was saying. He wanted to ask, but given it hurt to even talk. He have to wait till later. So for now he just gave a snort and for the time, put up with the nymphs and their friend-- who happen to be a satyr. Such a strange company, he thought to himself, that I have gotten myself stuck with...