So, I did a thing... (Talk to the Team: Daily/Weekly Login Bonus)

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How about epic items? tokens, components for making ally plaques e.g. cords, bars, ect...
Demon, blood, and so on essence, and maybe if you log in consecutively for a year (365 days) you have the chance to win a core for the ally plaque. This will only apply to those who have a level 100 ADV school character on their account.

Other items possibly obsolete items? I know several players who are looking for things that are no longer readily available in game. maybe a chance to receive any random obsolete item. This would include old spell forms that are no longer in game (sold or looted)

I`m sure I`ll think of more ideas later, but that`s all I got for now XD
Well, I will say this... I would HAPPILY invest/buy a "legacy" collectors edition that offered ALL missed items over the last years AND gave me an alpha/beta seat for the Unreal test and launch cycle.

Yes, that would probably ROYALLY anger some players but, you know what? This game needs help/money and if they can't make attractive offers for returning and new players to incent/invite attention, they may as well close up now. (IOW - I'd rather see them become relevant again than limp along until someone at the company in a corner office decides it's just not worth it anymore.)

I can see this game being VERY relevant VERY quickly with just a few, light tweaks to make it more competitive on play and mechanics and, of course, a full and true migration to Unreal:

- dramatically reduce travel time and increase carry weight/run speed so players can travel and be social across regions

- deliver an open-source (ZenCart, etc) market for players to purchase VANITY items, collectibles, and limited duration buffs, XP boosters, storage boosters (yes, remove the cash sieve quests on the vaults), etc

- create and implement titles for pretty much all combinations of completionist tasks (geographical, crafting, social, grouping, etc)

- create titles and/or incremental rewards for players who contribute to public structures, settlement/guild structures, etc.

- sprinkle in new ancient and elder ped quests to give veteran players reason to return to new player towns (granted, community is still aces here and this isn't an issue now... but it would be if populations rose again)

- consider planning for player-made content (templating of assets, etc) and, if the community leaps on it, expand to incorporate a player in-game merchantile system... traveling merchants? hidden merchants? seasonal merchants? ALL THE MERCHANTS!! (grin)

- get a kickstarter together to explain the road to Unreal. figure out what you need to REALLY DO IT RIGHT and do not be conservative (seriously, pad by 15-25%). market the heck out of it. ask current players to do the same. OVERBOOK that ********. having more people than your hardware can support on launch day is NOT a bad thing.... even as players will scream bloody murder.

- scrub the old database and see if you can get an email campaign running. ditto twitter, reddit, pinterest, and facebook.

- consider hiring a product manager (not a producer, not a project manager, a PRODUCT manager) to help you navigate and keep things moving along smoothly.

Happy to talk or do something more formal should any folk at Virtrium be interested (this is kind of what I do for a living, but not in the gaming industry... but I'd pure love to, so, yeah.... call me. )