RE: Wich issue with favouritism?

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People called it favoritism because there was no good reason as to why these people were added in. No note in the patch notes, they just appeared, and so without any good reason to excuse it, others got angry.
I must say, I'm fascinated by the notion that favoritism and recognition are the same thing.

I **totally** think the company should recognize what they find to be extraordinary contributors. I know I won't be one because I am not as altruistic as some and I'm fine with it.

In my opinion, swatting at a company's choice of how they may or may not wish to demonstrate their regard for a particular customer is petty.

Being well thought of enough to receive an in-game recognition is neither a bad thing nor is it "favoritism" - favoritism would be to receive unfair advantage in the progression OF THE GAME.

If someone is complaining because "that person over there likes X more than they like me!" then, all due respect, they probably need to go outside a bit more and maybe be a little less concerned with "how people rank in relation to one another".

That's my take on it, contributed primarily because it seems not to be well represented on the forum and I wouldn't want anyone to think because they've never seen it, it doesn't exist. (grin)
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