What do you think of this big Update?

  1. Shinkuu
    Do you like how they have changed around the loot? Do you think this will help newer folks or hurt them? Do you feel the Junk adds enough new income to make it worthwhile? What about the Repaired Weapons and Jewelry was that good or bad?
  2. Shinkuu
    I find that the junk is ... okay in its value but not overwhelmingly potent.

    I find that the Repaired items are for all intents and purposes the "Fine" Version of whatever weapon they are -1 Tech Slot after Tier II but given 2 or more Bonuses usually to whatever type of Damage they do and then one for a Stat... I cannot say they are awesome but they do give those who cannot find the Fine Formulas a second way to make better weapons. I wish their appearance could be changed though.

    I am iffy on the whole revamp of the loot but I guess it is fine not having the Undead and Aegis dropping anymore bits for us to use in our sick crafting experiments.

    I find the Charms upgrade to be a success. They are nothing amazing but at least they are all just useful little bonuses now instead of likely to kill you.
  3. Shadina
    The charms are good, like Shinkuu said. The changes to the Scroll making process should be good, though I haven't tested it yet.

    I'm likewise iffy about the loot thing. I'm not sure about the numbers when it comes to comparing the old system of some monsters just giving everyone in the party cask, and dropping Coin-purse-type items, as opposed to the Junk system. I'm pretty sure it works out to our disfavor when ti comes to larger groups, but I don't have the numbers to back that up.

    The broken weapons/jewelry seem to generally be a success, though they require a lot of work to get, which I suppose is fine.

    What I'm most iffy about right now are these Rare tech components. My experience with them has been bad so far, and it seems to be little more than a mean-spirited way to drive the players away from certain techs and items.
  4. Vandellia
    With all changes its normally a love/hate relationship with the game for me as im not a high tier hunter and havent gotten my plot to the stage where i can cook again money is hard to obtain. The new junk loot we sell isnt up to par with what i used to get hunting
  5. Vandellia
    they split the forms so now i have to spend hard earned cash to buy the split off forms thats not right
  6. Shinkuu
    I holistically agree... I do not have cash flowing out of orifices and having to cough up more for the split forms AND have to deal with the added annoyance of getting these CHUNKS is not welcomed.
  7. awdz
    I find the new loot interesting, but the variety of it is also problematic for me since I always have rather limited item stack available.

    The forms are bitingly expensive. However, when I first started, getting basic formulas from trainers took a LOT of crafting effort to earn tokens. Requiring a lot of effort to get coin to buy formulas is not so different to me - the coin just has more uses than the tokens did.

    I liked the tokens, though, and still carry some around with me.
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