RoP Nonsense

  1. Shinkuu
    I generally find the Dragon Rite of Passage to be a horrid experience but there are two things about it that are particularly unacceptable.

    1) Why make a Hatchling even of lvl 50 go to the Eastern Deadlands. That is END GAME CONTENT. That is for lvl 100 ANCIENTS NOT lvl 50 Hatchlings.

    2) Why have Elial on the Peak of Storms? He can one shot Ancients. Having him in the path of the poor Hatchie who needs to get their Rite done is just plane stupid. It is just punishment and Death Insurance for no reason I can fathom. They are NOT supposed to fight him nor deal with any monsters there. That is the end of their whole quest so should they not be able to receive their reward in peace instead of working up tons of DP hoping that a flaw in the game (Lag) will allow them to run past a monster before he spawns?
  2. awdz
    I always assumed the challenge was for the hatchlings to learn how to scout & avoid danger that they had no hope of overcoming - a reminder that even though they are dragons, as hatchlings they do have to be wary of things more powerful than they. It also serves as further motivation to get the ability to fly - then they can bypass the area altogether!
  3. Shinkuu
    Except they cannot bypass that area in order to GET the ability to fly. There is no way to get around Elial. He is unavoidable unless Lag allows you to skip past before he spawns. If Lag is not on your side you die again and again and again. That is broken in my book.

    Also it is nearly impossible to scout around if you have anything but the most amazing connection because things suddenly appear out of thin air with no warning and no set time delay. So you can wait minutes and not see anything and then suddenly BAM! Horde O' Monsters.
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