Younglings of Istaria is now open!

  1. Imaginox
    Hey guys, I'm proud to announce that Younglings of Istaria is now open!

    As someone new to Istaria and also a fellow minor, I made this group for other minors who want to play with others their age! I've noticed that most of the members here may be adults, but still. There's also gonna be minors who play this game, right? Whatever. You might have found this game for any reason, but whatever that reason may be, you might be a minor and you might also be looking for people your age to play with, and that's where this group comes in! I hope you make new friends in this group and have fun at the same time!

    So yeah, you can talk with others around here and also share memes if you'd like, everybody loves some good memes every now and then!
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