1. Takora Drakan
    Takora Drakan
    Hello, my name is Takora Drakan, and I am a Altoholic. <_<

    I use them as storage. =P Hey I have a dragon to play, my dragon needs lots of attention! >_>
  2. Unicorn's Lady
    Unicorn's Lady
    *Nods to Tak*

    Hello, my name is Unicorn's Lady and I'm an Altoholic.
    I use them as storage. I use them to hold guild plots. I use them to help sell my food. I even use them just because!

    My two mains are Nellie Lovett and Ochre Tekton, but you'll occasionally see me using Chillfire, Saucy, and Atropa (my long-tailed gnome).
  3. Darkwing_Duck
    I`m an altoholic too! I use em for screenies, crystal, form, and comp storage, plot, and lair holders, and just for fun! *whispers* and sometimes for playing undercover to see who`s all online

    my mains are Reagle, falkor, Ryzaak, Cougar, and Ramythis.
  4. Draustin
    Hello, my name is Draustin Flatorna, and i'm an altaholic. having one character for roleplaying isn't enough, i must have many for when i'm in different moods.

    My mains are Draustin, Shanel, and Salesh.
  5. Cynny
    Hello, everyone knows I'm an altoholic too! : D I make them because I simply like playing hatchies and new bipeds, and for the fun of the RP of them!

    My mains are Ceyra, A'kumaa and Nimriss! X3 And I got a hell lot more!
  6. sparkcal
    um hi i only have one main character (chaos shard) sparkcal same as the username of course and almost to ascending (gotta get the craft level up though)
  7. Morrowseer
    I truly only have one main, but I have a whole list of alts, and I'm too lazy to get em to Ancient! Too much effort! Leave them at adult!
  8. Fandango Bloodfire
    Hello, my name is Fandango and I'm an altoholic.
    I make new hatchies for the fun of designing and to anonymously annoy my favorite people. -mwahaha-
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