Nightwings Tale

  1. Uhlakk
    He is in Istaria for some life cycles and still a hatchling.
    Nightwing was allalone his whole life, till he had to defend New Trismus.
    He yoked with some other female hatchis to a group and kicked Urgat the Wicked out of his Deadlands. They stayed together for a while and soon he bound to the female Dragon Dimmae.
    Till now they fight together and grow together.
    Soon, when the time has come, he will ask her Ameo if he is allowed to become her mate for life.
    But... no one of his side will share his luck. Because he has no family, except his new adopted sisters.
    He gravitates to Khemarius in Kirasanct, 'cause he looks a bit like Nightwing and showed him the secret of the DrainBolt. But still inside his heart, he want to know where his family is.
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