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  1. Continuation of previous message:

    SO to conclude this old dispute: even if someone is able to get the components for himself, he still has the right to ask for the components on the marketplace without being told "go get them".
    Also, I have the right to give the hairs to him (and to act as a good and helping guildie in the process) without being told "why are you encouraging this?" as I was told when i said in the marketplace that i can give him some hairs.

    So Although you maybe were trying to help him, the entire conversation sounded very unfriendly and rude, hence my reaction to it.

    PS. Mimir, the conversation you mentioned derailed even further and Krin was "accused" of being powerleveled because he was lacking the will/skills/whatever to get his own weaver leg hairs. Actually, the only thing he lacks is good english skills to defend himself, because he's a good and decent player that got his ranks in the hard way and not being powerleveled
  2. Heh, just seen this...
    Well - I didn't jumped you. Allow me to explain to you and to everyone else, since apparently everyone can see those visitor messages.

    He asked in the Marketplace for "purple weaver leg hairs" and you sent him to hunt them for himself. As he posted - kinda beating the purpose of the marketplace.
    And of course purple weaver and purple weaver hairs are not the same. In the conversation you posted he DID actually asked for hairs and not which mobs drops them. I'm pretty sure he knew where to get those hairs, still he preferred to ask for them in the marketplace and got jumped because of it.
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    I am not sure why you feel the need to jump on me when all I was doing was trying to help. Please see the section where he said purple weaver and purple weaver hairs were not the same thing.
    [05/13/12 11:19:49] [MarketPlace: Krinharth] I'm looking for 6 [purple weaver leg hair] please
    [05/13/12 11:23:19] [MarketPlace: Mimir] I yold you yesterday they are off the purple weavers in the spirit swamp
    [05/13/12 11:23:24] [MarketPlace: Mimir] told*
    [05/13/12 11:24:21] [MarketPlace: Mimir] I have seen you fight, you will have no trouble killing them
    [05/13/12 11:25:30] [MarketPlace: Krinharth] I must explain it? purple weaver and purple wever hair - not the same
    [05/13/12 11:27:12] [MarketPlace: Krinharth] everitime to everione who ask something you may tell "go and get it" seems you miss market nature
    [05/13/12 11:27:30] [MarketPlace: Mimir] you miss the adventure spirit
    The rest you jumped on me, continuously had to shorten too many characters.
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