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  1. The days of the RoP still the same or they changed?

    I heared that the days requirement for starting the RoP as changed from 30 to lower. The people who said that are true or wrong? I've realised that more hatchlings are doing the Rite of Passage at...
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    Hellow from Iggy

    So yeah, I kinda forgot to be on the forum for a while.

    Some people know me in game and of course, I'm didn't come on the forum for I think... around 50 days?

    Something about me:
  3. To all people who wish to adopt hatchling/adult/ancient dragons

    Instead of telling people everyday and to get boring I'll make a post herre.
    I have currently a few dragons wich need a lovely family especialy for Role Play.

    Picture at the end

    Black, purple...
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