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    Run / Fly Speed

    We've made a short term change to the max run / fly speed in an effort to diagnose a problem we have with player positioning in Istaria. Please be assured this is a short term change. We all want to...
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    Quest Submission Discussion

    Thread for questions / discussion on new Quest Submission Guideline.
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    Facility Upgrade

    A lot of the work that we've been doing this year has been focused on technical systems and fixes - including server side optimizations that have allowed us to streamline our hardware footprint.
  4. Developer's Desk - Year End Review 2015

    Wow - Iím pretty sure it was January just last monthÖ how time flies. As this year draws to a close and another thrilling year comes forward, itís time to look back over the list of accomplishments...
  5. Developer's Desk - Year End 2015 Discussion

    Discussion thread for Developers Desk - Year End 2015
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    Developer's Desk Summer 2015

    It’s 2015 and almost (already!) summer. It seems like it was New Years just yesterday. We started off the year with the great content release “City Under Siege”. This was followed by many new...
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    Sticky: Scorpus

    Goddess of the Sun and of Wrath, Scorpus was forgotten millennia ago. She has long harbored an ancient hatred for the deities of the Pantheon. Scraps of legend are all that remain to remind...
  8. Developer's Desk: Year End 2014 Edition

    Thank you for joining us to discuss the Developer's Desk: Year End 2014 Edition!
  9. Developer's Desk: Year End 2014 Edition

    As another year draws to a close, it’s time to look back over the list of accomplishments from this year. I must say, I have quite a sense of pride in what we've done, as well as excitement for...
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    Re: Talk to the Team: Knight of Creation

    Here are some of the ideas we've been working on for improving the Knight of Creation school. Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

    * Create non-masterable summoned 2-handed swords called...
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    Username versus email address

    In order to protect the use of email addresses and make our login system just a bit more secure, players must use the username associated with their accounts to log in to the game. The use of email...
  12. Article and Livestream

    For those who haven't seen it yet, or perhaps saw the Livestream as it was happening but missed the follow-up article, I wanted to drop in and share with you the article written by Beau Hindman on...
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    Re: Kickstarter

    I checked with the devs and a Kickstarter project is certainly possible in the future. Their immediate response was that "you only get to do a Kickstarter project once" - so they want to make sure...
  14. Calling All Players: Crystalshaper School Goes to Blight

    Gifted of Istaria!

    This week marks the culmination of months of work with the long-anticipated release of the Crystalshaper school to the Blight Shard for testing. We are contacting all of our...
  15. Developer's Desk: Year End 2012 Edition

    Greetings from Istaria,

    I hope this letter finds you snuggled up by a warm fire with your favorite drink in hand, whether it be a mug of klava, mulled wine, or a cup of steaming hot chocolate. ...
  16. Developer's Desk: Year End 2012 Edition

    Thank you for joining us to discuss the Developer's Desk: Year End 2012 Edition!
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    Looking for a few good plots

    We are looking for a few plots that can be featured in screenshots on our website.

    If you would like us to consider your plot, or perhaps suggest someone else's, please post the coordinates and...
  18. Extended Maintenance Today (Nov 13th)

    Chaos and Order will be offline for an extended period today while we apply the Fall Content Update.

    Remember, Blight remains available and online for those who wish to play.

    Thank you for your...
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    New Launcher and Java

    Of course on the same day we release a launcher update that uses Java 7 NIST releases a notice that there is a vulnerability in Java 7 ...
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    Follow Istaria on Twitter!

    Greetings Istarians,

    I'm on Twitter!

    I have a Twitter account that is up and running. You can follow all things Istaria at: @AmarieIstaria

    And there's Facebook Too:...
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    July Content Update

    The following was applied to the live servers during maintenance on Tuesday, July 24th. This content update covers items from Deltas 227 and 228.

    Scaleforges now count as Anvils for use by...
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    Crystalshaper Guide

    --- Goals ---
    The goals of the Crystalshaper are:

    To provide players with a new Dragon school that extends their capabilities, brings new challenges, and fills an open niche in the Trade-skill...
  23. Developer's Desk: Summer 2012 Edition

    Thank you for joining us to discuss the Developer's Desk: Summer 2012!
  24. Developer's Desk: Summer 2012 Edition

    Welcome to Summer 2012! It has been a while since our last Developer's Desk, so I wanted to take a moment to review what we've accomplished and what we plan on doing in the future. So far in 2012,...
  25. Re: Getting property holder access through "offers" (Matomy)

    Matomy is not an option for everyone, but for those players with cash flow troubles or looking for a way to subsidize their play experience, it is an available solution. We don't actively promote...
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