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  1. Poll: Re: I know how you can get alot more People to play Istaria

    The graphics could be updated, as everyone else has said, but really they are not that bad.

    The developers had/are focusing on 'Barrier to entry', meaning helping people slide into the game....
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    Sable Shore and beyond

    Just a thought, in mind of Amon saying they are discussing internally on some changes to give more direction on the island and improving things generally.

    It seems to me, that even after that...
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    Re: Mob disbalance

    In NT perhaps, though the upper areas likely dont need changing me thinks.

    Whereas Lesser Aradoth just seems fraught with Skeleton bosses and other swarmy type mobs. Dust Grinder is a PITA and so...
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    Re: Mob disbalance

    I would just like to add to a point you've just made there.

    As easy as some monsters might become for those wary and knowing, it seems that the flip side for this is, anyone who isn't so wary or...
  5. Re: New Trismus - and quests into the Deadlands

    The connector quest - Does that send you off to your class trainer? I do remember doing that.

    I only went to the Warrior school, I didn't want to confuse matters taking on another class so early...
  6. Re: New Trismus - and quests into the Deadlands

    I suppose what I am actually trying to say is, could there be a quest line as detailed and interesting as the Deadlines class specific one, only that it doesn't require a group to complete it. The...
  7. New Trismus - and quests into the Deadlands

    Just a couple of comments really.

    I found I loved questing in NT, and the chain that really got my attention was the one that took me into the Deadlands.

    Was made to understand from several...
  8. Re: Free Account with previous account character

    And play for free? I had this problem, my Gnome was on the account and I didnt want to commit to deleting him. I just ended up resubscribing, as I missed having a plot :-) (not helpful I know!)
  9. Re: Let new players taste the best of the game!

    I recently joined the game (subscribed) and made a lizard. I had tried the game previously as a gnome (mage) several years ago, and quickly stopped playing.

    Honestly, I can say the game has gotten...
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    Re: Question on stances - Devs please!!

    Can I just add (since Chaos is inaccessible :( )

    I had a brief look at stances, as and when I acquired them as a Warrior.

    I personally felt the benefits of them were not that noticable, to make...
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    Re: Sslanis Militia - Basic Stores Report

    It's okay, appears I was being stupid (after 30 mins wasted trying to find the portal for Abandoned Island). The nodes are really small, almost unclickable, and they do indeed exist on Island of...
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    Re: Sslanis Militia - Basic Stores Report

    There's none on Chaos :-( or thats what I found. I mean, there's a giant rock on the Island of Wisps, I assume I can't just mine from it :p
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    Sslanis Militia - Basic Stores Report

    Since the removal of the Salt Rock at Island of Wisps - the quest still needs updating. Actual quest text doesn't mention Island of Wisps, but the NPC does.

    Can this be updated please - I'm told I...
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    Being a newbie

    Hey guys.

    I just wanted to say, I noticed there's a real consious effort to make the game a lot easier to pick up and play for any new player, hence my coming here and put some feedback on that...
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