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    Re: Lunus path 2 issue

    Glad to hear!
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    Re: Lunus path 2 issue

    We've given the pawnbrokers a stern speaking to about withholding information (we hotfixed the issue). Could you try again and let us know if it worked?
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    Re: it is my sad duty to report

    My heart goes out to the family. :( Such a sad disease and situation.
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    Re: Adding Ku'laks

    As of right now, we do not have any plans to add more races to the game. The amount of effort required to write their lore into the game, create the models, animations, and proper accessories would...
  5. Re: Bonuses or benefits for old characters or accounts?

    As far as I am aware, if you did not have a subscription running or participate in anything back then, there's no actual bonus to keeping the account or character.

    The only thing you would be...
  6. Thread: Dragon Races

    by Sarsilas

    Re: Dragon Races

    The quote from Liseth is over a year old now and refers to an event-like project that was only ever in the conceptual stages, and never involved player races or adding diversity to current dragons in...
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    Re: A Big Thanks to Players!

    Thank you for having us! It was a great time and a new experience for me. Glad to answer your and some of the players' questions. :)
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    Re: Do customized textures still work?

    It should work - as long as the files that were modified have not drastically changed in the meantime, then you should not encounter any problems.

    If you do encounter problems, feel free to post...
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    Re: dragon appearance

    Unfortunately there is no other way unless you ask a developer to look in the database. Even then, when looking at your character, all we can see are file names and give an educated guess for which...
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    Re: is one time istaria subscription enough?

    Your school level will stay the same, but you cannot gain any more levels.

    You will have to archive all of your other characters except for the one you want to play before you are allowed to...
  11. Thread: Newbie here!

    by Sarsilas

    Re: Newbie here!

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay in Istaria!

    As others have already described, Chaos is the more populated server as Order has some more restrictions as a designated role-play server. Chaos...
  12. Re: T5 Elemental Sliver Has Wrong Description

    It was not - thank you for the report! This has been fixed for the next delta. :)

    "A small shard of an elemental rests in your hands. While not very useful and rather harmless on its own, the...
  13. Re: some bugss in new trismus new setup

    Both of these quests are set up correctly. However, they will only give you the technique and formulas if you do not already have them. Since your character was level 82 at the time, I would say it's...
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    Re: New Graphic Changes and Tokens

    There are no plans to remove double EXP month. Also, the EXP potions do not stack with the month's bonus either, so there will not be anyone running around with 4x EXP boosts.

    The Vials of Rest...
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    Re: Cannot patch after fresh install

    This should have been corrected last night. Does it still persist for you?
  16. Re: several deportees cause a morality crisis for developers and forcing radical acti

    I double-checked with the rest of the team and the issue with grandfathered accounts being unable to access storage was fixed approximately a week back and was never intended to happen. I'm unsure if...
  17. Re: Can you transfer characters between accounts/token question

    Hi there Mathilde!

    A Character Transfer Token is for transferring characters in between servers - from Chaos to Order, Order to Chaos, or from Blight to the live servers (although the last has...
  18. Re: several deportees cause a morality crisis for developers and forcing radical acti

    To my knowledge:

    Grandfathered free humans are not meant to be affected by this change. This was brought up and a fix was rolled out, but had issues and had to be pulled back. I'm unsure if...
  19. Re: For support ticket and account inaccessibility

    I've let the facility managers know about this problem and gave them the link to this thread. Hopefully it will be corrected as soon as possible - sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Re: Wow, this game is still going?

    Hi there Dhalin. I'm part of the new blood that Amon mentioned over on the other forum, an artist who joined in about 2015, so you likely don't know me. It's nice to meet you!

    As Amon listed,...
  21. Re: Suggestions for Ranger (please test on Blight TY.)

    I'm not directly involved in rebalancing ranger, but I want to reiterate a point that Liseth made in another thread: Nerfing something opens the doors to buffing other abilities. We never planned to...
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    Re: Avatar - how to change pic

    For a while now, the avatars on the forums have been broken. The people who still have avatars are admins of the forums and people who had avatars hosted externally before the bug went out.

  23. Re: The Burning Archer spell needs more sizzle

    Burning Archer has not been changed since it was implemented bar adjusting a few constraints.
  24. Re: Lvel 122 Myloc gatherers in Cave of Winds?

    Only slightly horrifying. ;)
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    Re: Merry Christmas Istaria

    Best wishes for the holidays and the new year, everyone. :)
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