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  1. Re: I'm back... for the 3rd or 4th time I guess

    Welcome back
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    Talk to the Team: Combat Overhaul

    You can use this thread to ask questions, provide feedback and generally discuss the combat overhaul. Or you can join us on the discord channel in the #combat-overhaul channel to talk about it. ...
  3. Re: lost patrol (underway to tower of nature)

    Yes, you can't get the ability a second time.
  4. Re: lost patrol (underway to tower of nature)

    Hi, this is because the Imperial Outpost quests lead into the Imperial Army quests (the ones where you go after Daknor and Fafnir). So you've probably already done those years ago.
  5. Re: lost patrol (underway to tower of nature)

    The quest was rewritten and split into two parts so thats probably why its showing up. You can't get the ability a second time so no worries.
  6. Re: lost patrol (underway to tower of nature)

    The quest issues have mostly been addressed for an upcoming patch. And we've tweaked the spawns around the tower.
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    Re: doom doomed

    We've increased the number of Mylocs for the next patch (should be in another week or two).
  8. Re: lost patrol (underway to tower of nature)

    The quest from Aubador takes you to the lost camp where there are some quests. Then eventually to the Tower of Nature where there are a large number of quests. It sounds as if maybe you skipped...
  9. Re: trying to do the draak lost colony attunement quest

    30 Lairshaper, 30 Adventurer and 20 Crafter.
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    Re: enabeling shau wrath

    Until next update (when the Tradestone Blessing becomes an "always-on" passive) you must have it active for the quest to be enabled.
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    Re: werewolf tower

    Unfortunately, this is not something that can be corrected easily as it involves a core part of the server. Thank you for the report.
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    Re: quest research for a cure part 2

    This is not a bug.
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    Re: Elite Quest I can't solo

    Which quest are you referring to? The monsters the quests send you to kill should be right around your level and therefore killable.
  14. Re: My pure newbie perspective of why don't log back in

    Sorry, that was a typo. Currently it is only weapons and jewelry.
  15. Re: My pure newbie perspective of why don't log back in

    Currently they do require crafting skill to repair... but, you've brought up an interesting point that we'll discuss internally.
  16. Re: My pure newbie perspective of why don't log back in

    Two key changes have been made to improve this:

    Un-techniqued equipment was added to Tiers 1 to 3 vendors
    Loot chance of Broken Items was greatly increased in Tiers 1 to 4. While these do have...
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    Re: The New Wolf Quests

    It is not the end of the quests, but it is the end of what we have implemented. Phase 2 is coming at a later date.
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    Re: New Player in need of some help.

    hi! Have you done the story quests on New Trismus or in Kion? There are a significant number of Tier 1 (level 1 to 20) quests in those two locations. If you would prefer to start with quests...
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    Developer's Desk 2022 discussion

    Use this thread to discuss the Dev Desk. You can read it here:
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    Blight Delta 314.1

    The following changes and fixes will be applied to the Blight testing shard SOON.

    Lore Master now properly awards Epic Award VIII once more.
    Removed to-hit bonus to Urn Hammer and Hot Prism as...
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    Re: Drain Bolt 2

    Thank you. The majority of these issues are fixed in the mentioned "fixer" delta we have coming soon to Blight. Thank you for playing.
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    Re: Wolf Bones not counted

    This issue has been fixed on the internal server. Thank you for your report.
  23. Re: My pure newbie perspective of why don't log back in

    Thank you for your feedback. Adding vendors with basic un-teched equipment to various towns and points during the early tiers (looking at 1 to 3) was something we'd discussed but your feedback has...
  24. Re: Blighted items (t1 at least) only roll Bow skill

    This is a known issue.
  25. Re: Flaxen/Kenaf Padded Wraps min skill too high to craft

    Negative, these are as intended. All beginner padded gear starts between 100 and 200 skill. Cloth gear, however, is 1 to 100.
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