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    Re: Happy birthday lovwyrm !!!

    Belated Happy Birthday *winghugs*
  2. Thread: Dragon Races

    by Pharaxes

    Re: Dragon Races

    RP wise this is done heavily already. E.g. there are alot of storm dragons in Istaria. Personally I believe that dragons come from the Plane of Fire and thus are Fire dragons. With magic they might...
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    Re: Special Characters

    Is there a specific reason, why characters needs to be whitelisted? Is it in case someone uses strange characters to flood the chat? Otherwise UTF-8 could just be used, but that was just a guess...
  4. Thread: Farewell

    by Pharaxes

    Re: Farewell


    *bows his head* Thank you for everything so far and for anything that might follow, where we won't see you directly involved.
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    Re: A Modest Proposal

    Do you want people to leave Istaria? Because that is how you make people leave Istaria.

    Big "No" from my side, no matter the shard.
  6. Thread: lair mod

    by Pharaxes

    Re: lair mod

    That would be new to me if you don't have the mod.
  7. Sticky: Re: Horizons Crafting Calculator: NEW UNOFFICIAL SERVER

    the whole site currently leads to empty pages. Is the program still the same version which is to be downloaded from or were there updates to the program as well?...
  8. Re: DX9 Shaders not possibe with Blight client 397.26.0

    Ok I totally don't know why some files were missing on my computer. After I posted this thread, another program didn't want to start because it says msvcr100.dll was missing on my computer. Again I...
  9. DX9 Shaders not possibe with Blight client 397.26.0 [resolved]

    Hey everyone,

    just patched to the latest blight client and I can't start the game anymore.

    The launcher patched and then just vanished. When I try to run istaria.exe myself, it tells me, the...
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    Re: On behalf of Heather Fireheart

    I hope I can be counted a friend.

    My best wishes for Heather and she surely will be missed *bows*
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    Re: anniversary head scale bugs

    I tried to switch Khutit while wearing the Adult scale. I did not change at all, but on my effects window it says, I'm Khutit.

    When I replaced the scale with my mask again, my mask is not to be...
  12. Re: Bugs in Client 397.11 (Nov 15 2018 17:05:55)

    The buttons have text again, but the font looks different to all others in game:
  13. Re: Bugs in Client 397.8 (Nov 10 2018 13:05:58)

    Bug No. 2 is currently not there anymore in version 397.11
    Bug No. 1 still exist. I created a new thread for that one.
  14. Bugs in Client 397.11 (Nov 15 2018 17:05:55)

    Hi there,

    since a few versions of the blight client, I have no button descriptions anymore:

    They do work when I click onto them, just missing any text.
  15. Bugs in Client 397.8 (Nov 10 2018 13:05:58)

    Bug No. 1:
    No text on buttons

    Bug No. 2:
    I can't use ANY portal! They ALL say, I'm out of reach! I recalled back to Delgarath, usually atop the shrine. Now I was IN the shrine.

    I was in...
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    Re: Novian oak boards?

    If I remember right from a dev, sometimes, when peoples plot gets reclaimed, anything on that plot is usually placed in the owners vault. But sometimes, I don't know the reasons, materials are just...
  17. Re: Hotkey for changing chat tab always skips two tabs

    still happening with 396.49 (Oct 27 2018)
  18. Re: Still holding out hope for an eventual griffon race

    I am sure, someone might just create a mod and replacing the dragon model textures with gryphon textures.

    Btw Gryphon is not unusual at all. Wikipedia says "The griffin, griffon, or gryphon...
  19. Re: Hotkey for changing chat tab always skips two tabs

    Yes, it is doing this in both ways, forwards and backwards. Ctrl+PgUp moves three tabs to the left, Ctrl+PgDn moves three tabs to the right.
  20. Hotkey for changing chat tab always skips two tabs

    Hey everyone,

    Usually I use Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn to switch between chat channels. As of lately, doing so always brings me three tabs to the left/right.

    Main chat, Channel Dragon, Channel...
  21. Re: Possible community Project need some help

    Typed first lines of the text into Google and found:
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    Re: A New Plague That Will not go Away.

    You mean they started makin' trouble in my neighborhood? ;)
  23. Bug with contact list, when moving people to other groups

    Hi there

    When you have someone on your contact list and want to put this person into a group per drag and drop, then this person gets the message "Xy has added you to their contact list."

  24. Thread: Delta 303.1

    by Pharaxes

    Re: Delta 303.1

    With the formula Expert Blightes Lesser Gem-Tipped Claw I crafted 329 Blighted Spiked Emerald Tipped Dragon Claws.

    Up to 10% of the claws did not have any tech at all onto them, only the...
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    Re: Anti-raid... (idea in progress)

    To be honest, I don't like level adjustment. As an example: Guild Wars 2

    You're high level? Then you're just level 5 in beginners area.
    What, you're level 1? Enemies will aggro on you on thrice...
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