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    Re: anniversary event

    Istaria is a great game for a lot of different reasons - but what makes it truly special is people like you (and the dozen or so others - you all know who you are), who have have been so gracious and...
  2. Re: Armorer's *Armorcraft* Skill Gain Per Level?

    Ah! That's right - I completely forgot about that! Thank you. :)
  3. Armorer's *Armorcraft* Skill Gain Per Level?

    It's my understanding that the Armorer crafting school adds 10 points to the 'Armorcraft' skill for every level gained (all Istarian crafting guides I've so far been able to reference - e.g. Istaria...
  4. Re: Beginner Chainmail and Platemail formula Drops

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my concerns regarding this issue.

    This wasn't feedback. It was a rant. I started it as a rant in this forum (instead of 'suggestions' or 'talk to the...
  5. Re: Beginner Chainmail and Platemail formula Drops

    If what you're saying is true, then how/why was I able (recently) to loot the Beginner Blighted Platemail Chest formula from a Fyakki (in its teens) on Isle of the Drowned? That Blighted piece has...
  6. Re: Beginner Chainmail and Platemail formula Drops

    I believe in keeping my characters' craft school (or tradeskill) levels far above those of adventuring schools (or classes), and my current character has a craft rating that is (and consistently...
  7. Re: Beginner Chainmail and Platemail formula Drops

    Let's not cloud the issue: this thread is about (and only about) the availability of chainmail and platemail formulae. These are the bottleneck in my character's development, and not anything else.
  8. Re: Beginner Chainmail and Platemail formula Drops

    I wouldn't be surprised to learn that what you're saying is closer to being true than not, Knossos.

    If so, does this not mean that any effort to be self-sufficient - in terms of being able to...
  9. Re: Beginner Chainmail and Platemail formula Drops

    This assumes that the Formulatrons can drop any/all of the formulae needed to craft the various Beginner armor sets.

    Do they?

    Is it possible eventually get all of what I need if I sink enough...
  10. Beginner Chainmail and Platemail formula Drops

    I've dug, and googled, and searched for posts and information regarding this topic, and I have read several past/closed discussions about it.

    I've spoken with a few folks ingame about this also....
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    Re: Well, it has been fun.

    If the reason you are not able to log into Istaria is called "Error 57," then you are certainly not alone.

    Otherwise, farewell - I am kinda gonna to miss circumnavigating your great green presence...
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    Re: Error 57 ???

    I'm getting the same error message when attempting to log into the game.


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    Re: Istaria's Got Competition

    ~Funding Canceled~

    "Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator 1 day ago."
  14. Istarian Crafting School Skill/Stat Gains Per Level

    Using information I found on the Istaria Wiki, I put together a quickie spreadsheet chart for my own use. Then I decided to make a couple of notations and post a shot of it here for anyone who might...
  15. Re: [PROPOSAL] - "Should I Play/What is Istaria?" - Video

    You hit the nail right on the ol' noggin here. I spent the vast majority of my time in EQ becoming a tradeskill bum, and enjoying every minute of it (and it was really very grueling in those days...
  16. Re: [PROPOSAL] - "Should I Play/What is Istaria?" - Video

    *raises hand*

    This sounds similar to my story.

    In my case, I played during '04 and '05 - after becoming bored/burned out/fed up with EverQuest, and while trying to decide if I wanted to give...
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