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    Re: Server Merge

    I don't think anyone is forcing them to pay that. No one is forcing them to fork out the full price to bring all their characters and alts across to the other server. That is their decision and...
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    Re: Server Merge

    Since you are beating a dead horse...

    If you want me to agree with a merge, this is the completely wrong way of going about doing it.

    Is it selfish to say that I dont want to give...
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    Re: America is saved

    Ok so that somewhat clarified, thank you. You claim things worked out as well as your vote, except that you didn't because you aren't an American citizen (and/or aren't living in the U.S.) and...
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    Re: America is saved

    Also since I only just caught this. Just that I'd like some clarification because this is what it sounds like you are saying. So from your words anyone no matter who they voted for (I am assuming...
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    Re: America is saved

    I dunno awdz, maybe because we are two different people?

    I know they say once you are married you're inseparable but geeze, didn't know marriage made couples become Siamese Twins. :P You can be...
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    Re: America is saved

    If they are threatening or encouraging a revolution or criminal acts against others over those different political views and the results of a democratic process, then yes I will certainly be calling...
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    Re: I need a place to vent a little

    I don't think anyone but Americans living in the US who are experiencing the issues their government and leaders have put them under for the last 8 years or longer is going to understand why...
  8. Re: Talk to the Team: Dragon Schools: New Schools

    I have to agree with Racktor's points on this.

    A simple yes or no answer won't work for something complicated like this. Its too complex of a question to simplify into black or white. Asking for...
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    Re: Sig and Avatar pics?

    There is a way to fix it sort of. Found it by accidental ctrl+v mistake while updating my siggy.

    Just pull up the image, right click, and copy image. Then paste the signature image/picture into...
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    Re: Aggressive sprinting?

    One Punch!
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    Re: Talk to the Team: Ambrosia

    Seeing as there is no way possible we are ever getting the old ambrosia formulae back and the methods to make it, I'll support another method to make ambrosia. I think just a general DP removal would...
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    Re: Talk to the Team: Target Window

    I would prefer the colour on the border. I do like my windows as transparent as possible, and I can see from the pictures provided that the solid colour windows is going to be a problem for me to...
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    Miiradiated Water

    Since the water is now fixed for several people (ty Jstn) It was enough to get me off my butt and finish off a long standing project.

    "Miiradiated Water" is an updated water mod based off of the...
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    Re: Firey Dragons

    Organizing my mods so they are all in one place. I will be submitting this one to Lexica at some point, but the the new link for it is here.

    There has been a readme added to the files for ease...
  15. Re: ENBSERIES: Boost framerate and fix numerous graphical issues with ease!

    I'd have to say norton is pretty wrong. That site also is the only host for the ENB series that people use for modding the environments to several games, GTA and skyrim amongst them. Its required to...
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    Re: Is Istaria still full of pedos? :I

    Depends on when you last played, and I would guess five or more years ago? No one who has rp'd anything remotely like what you are describing has been around in years. The majority of people are...
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    Re: You dragons finally got your wish!

    I don't think you need to worry Elt. Nobody likes hair in their food.
  18. Re: Ancient Right of Passage Requirments Change

    oh, i don't think that's not un-dragon at all awdz. There are some dragons i've known who don't want to level adventure and in place have done only their crafting schools. Granted, they can't ascend...
  19. Re: Ancient Right of Passage Requirments Change

    Well you speculated that it was easy. I'm not speculating, I know that's how it works from modding files.
  20. Re: Ancient Right of Passage Requirments Change

    While that might be a nice idea I don't know how feasible it is as an addition just for being a completionist.
    This is going off topic for a moment and I apologize....

    Pfft, you wish....
  21. Re: Ancient Right of Passage Requirments Change

    ok, well I've been through that and seen it too, and yes it is frustrating when people just powerlevel to 100 like that. I think maybe tho give the new changes to perching and group xp gain at a...
  22. Re: Ancient Right of Passage Requirments Change

    I am still waiting for your reasons why it needs to be changed. You started this thread and as the OP, the chore falls to you to give better reasons than merely, "becuase i think its too easy." As...
  23. Re: Ancient Right of Passage Requirments Change

    Nope. That elial does not work anymore. The only Elial that should be used for ARoP should be in the rift. Bipeds should not be able to help out with a dragon only questline. Certainly considering...
  24. Re: Ancient Right of Passage Requirments Change

    Why and where is it too easy? Could you explain or extrapolate please? There can't be a discourse of ideas based around it simply 'being too easy'
  25. Re: Ancient Right of Passage Requirments Change

    Most on this thread are saying to you that the ARoP does not need changing, and you have yet to give some really good reasons why it needs to change at all. So why are you working on all of this,...
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