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  1. Re: Post your memories of classic "Horizons" or "Istaria" goofs, errors, etc.

    Almost forgot... the "animation" for this website's avatar for me, is when the update / patch failed to change the "distance" resolution of the characters when you got close to them. This made for...
  2. Post your memories of classic "Horizons" or "Istaria" goofs, errors, etc.

    Having been a beta tester back in the day, and being able to "cast spells" as a mage with a dragon before it was revamped to "dragon only" and "dragon abilities" there were a lot of fun things back...
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    Re: this horse is not dead

    Or... (as done in GW2, SWTOR, WOW, etc..)
    /sarcasm on
    You could offer a level 100 token and let someone "pay" to have a max level character. (of course it would be 100th level hatchie, and multi...
  4. Haven't been "actively" playing for a few years...

    Sooooo, I start this quest of a thousand dragons telling me this wonderful story of Drakul's lineage and crystalshaping for the new crafting class. I finally get past the "Blah Blah Blah" to "Go...
  5. Thread: 10 Years!

    by Justa Mirage

    Re: 10 Years!

    I will have to look at my screenshot directory... I have some from the very beginning, but not a whole lot. I think a lot of the fun memories was trying to beat the resource server lag by collecting...
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    Have been gone a long while

    I have missed out on a lot I guess, I recently got an email from Istaria telling of the double XP and Anniversary free plot slots. Anyone want to clue me in on a year's worth of Istaria, the...
  7. Plot / Lair purchase / repurchase "lock out" timer

    It has been a long time indeed. This game has been Justa's home since the first day they flipped on the switch. His first plot was near Parsinia near the wisp field. He then upgraded to a plot...
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    Re: All Hail Istaria.

    I see you are my new neighbor Sindala ;) Flatspin is going to have to come by to borrow a cup of flour or something.
  9. Re: Top "ten" classes that didn't make it into retail

    Oh yea.. the long forgotten beta classes, et. al.

    I thought the thread was going to be a humor thread :( kind of like a "Lettermen" top 10 list

    And the number one class that didn't make it...
  10. Dragonboy..... Please read... You will laugh...

    You posted the "coffee cup" problem in the patch thread that is closed. It was brought to my attention by an guildie that someone found my biped / hatchie trap ;)

    You posted:

    Which part are...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Justa Mirage (46)!

    Awwww thanks :)

    Being ancient makes you slow and lethargic (same words actually)

    Blows out the candles but forgets and melts the whole cake :(

    Maybe I will just have Minou surprise.
  12. Re: About a certain lin ein the delta 169 notes...

    Ok, I read all of this and I will make some comments:

    1: the Rune of Teleportation brings you to a section of Istaria far above the dragon's flight ceiling. This prevents flying there, or being...
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    Re: Days Created

    or this post:
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    Re: BLOCKED! after so many years...

    I have a Samsung Instinct M800. I can get the community board on that, but I hate typing on it. Eh, it's just weird.

    Oh and Ranqthas, I probably should not try what you suggested LOL, you know...
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    BLOCKED! after so many years...

    This is my 7th year doing this job, the firewall administrators upgraded to a new "IP filter" that now includes Istaria as "Gaming" site and has been blocked from my reading the community board from...
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    Re: Trophy Room

    Sign up as a gnome and name him/her "FingerFood ForDragons" "snack" "TastesLikeChicken"

    I think an increase in stack space in existing structures would be beneficial, unfortunately it's a...
  17. Hatchies are safe, sort of... (dimensional pocket II)

    I took a stroll through the blight 164 test and found if they steer clear of the maple trees to the right and stay on the left side of the road, they can avoid the treants.

    If they drop off the...
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    2000 days for NA shards

    Like Takora, I too am older than the hills.

    2000 days.... that's a long time... I do remember logging in and getting my brand new trainers outfit.... which I still have to this day, have never...
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    Re: 2000 days... I am getting old!

    grats Takora! (Grumbles... I have to wait 3 days for 2000, NA didn't release until 3 days later)
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    Re: User interface Guide

    Not a bad start! It looks well put together!

    Now if we can only get an entire index for ALL of the "/" commands for the game for setting the undocumented features (like fog distance, etc)
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    Re: And then there was one... RIP Shadowbane

    Zones can exist (as LO said, invisible or not) in an MMORPG, I gave up on Vanguard as the "seamless zones" weren't seamless at all. I was constantly being dismounted while crossing zones, or have...
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    Re: A real old timer is...

    A real old timer is:

    Running all over to find the player cities so you could attune and Bristugo was a town with no one in it but a trainer that would add points to focus. I recall saying "what...
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    And then there was one... RIP Shadowbane

    Today only the Horizon fly stands at the zapper, as the developers of Shadowbane have pulled the plug.

    There is already some outcry to keep the...
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    Re: Level 12 hatchling makes it to Kaa

    I do remember posting a while back with picture, of a fresh off of the training island 3rd level hatche making it to the entombed soul on Draak by me sneaking up to the spiritist tower and gliding...
  25. Re: Learning about 3D art: can I look at HZ's dragon models?

    if you want something "cheap" if you don't want to pay big dollars but want to dabble in 3D modeling and animation:

    Animation Master is a good low end tool for doing lightwave...
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