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    Re: Question on optimising crafting XP

    Thanks folks - that answered my question perfectly :) 6 and 8 at optimal it is!
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    Question on optimising crafting XP

    Hi folks,

    Long time player returned after a rest :)

    I've picked up crafting my Armorer class, all going well so far. I have been carefully upping the item I con/decon to ensure I am creating...
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    Re: Craft level 32 and up

    Enever - I'm sure you already know this, but I got asked this in New Player the other day. To turn on map coordinates, right-click on the "Compass" in-game and select "Show Position". This will show...
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    Re: Crimson Dawn Website


    I don't know what happened, how it happened, or why - but I'm glad the CD site is back. The CD site is a seriously amazing resource for new players. And for really old players with bad...
  5. Re: Fohadon in Mahagra provides message-box quests

    Gotcha - ty
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    Re: Storm Disciple Player Guide

    Thanks Rune, that's good advice with the other schools - I'll add that in :)
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    Storm Disciple Player Guide

    Hi folks,

    I have started work on a player's guide for Storm Disciples on the Wiki. It's partly an experiment in using the Wiki to host player guides and how best to format it for other guides (one...
  8. Re: Help for New Miners - make ore nodes more obvious

    Yes, the tutorial quests were created to help explain the game. But what if the new adventurer pops off to level cleric to 30? Then they decide to give mining a try... that could be weeks later. Now,...
  9. Re: Help for New Miners - make ore nodes more obvious

    What is that mod BTW? Sounds interesting :)
  10. Re: Help for New Miners - make ore nodes more obvious

    Yes, I know there are Spirit Isle quests. But we're talking about n00bs here ;)

    (No disrespect intended - we were all there once lol)

    There is a lot to learn, it just happens I've seen that...
  11. Help for New Miners - make ore nodes more obvious

    This is a "lead the new players by the nose" suggestion - but I've anwered four different new players in one week RE how to mine. When they go into the mine on New Tris for their first...
  12. [Closed]Fohadon in Mahagra provides message-box quests

    (lvl 44 STMD)

    When I chat to Fohadon and click "tasks" he displays the "old" style quest dialog: "You are being offered a new quest: Town Marshall: Dispatch the Helpers"

    Is this because there...
  13. Re: Not ranting, but really getting tired of CTDs

    Not sure what to tell you, but it's true. Admittedly I have only just got back into playing again after 12 months off, but even prior to that, for *years) - no CTD. I rarely play more than 2 hours at...
  14. Re: Not ranting, but really getting tired of CTDs

    Hmmm that would be quite annoying!

    I never play in full-screen mode - windowed mode only. I have always had ATI video cards, never NVIDIA. Played on XP, Vista, and Windows 7 - all good for me.
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    Sticky: Re: Istaria Wiki

    Lovely! Thanks Rune :) You probably already know, but there are templates available from the front page that will help you fill in the bits you need to. This will ensure that the Quests show up on...
  16. Re: Not ranting, but really getting tired of CTDs

    Hi I know it doesn't help but "works for me". I haven't had a CTD for years... the Troubleshooting Guide on the Wiki might help (was put together from forum posts and player input).

    I would...
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    Re: Istaria Wiki is not Judge Judy

    Quite true. Though with statistics like "last time in 2009" and "again in 2011", that's one every two years. Pretty good stats really ;)

    Other sites have come and gone as well - Gamers Info,...
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    Istaria Wiki is not Judge Judy

    The Crimson Dawn section of the External Links page on the Istaria Wiki has, despite my pleadings and associated rollbacks, continued to be 'vandalised' by someone from IP address (they...
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    Updating the MapPack

    Kat/all - is there a way I can send in new/updated markers? I think I have the latest map pack, and was missing/incorrect on the following:

    Brandon's Shelf Arrival Pad - 25571/33752
  20. Re: Spin-off: Why should anyone start playing Istaria?

    This is now my third "official" return to Istaria, both previous times including a 1yr plus break between sessions. Both breaks coincided with the arrival of family members - the small kind :)

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    Re: Base Skill Calculation

    OK thanks Amon. There goes my hope of reporting that as a bug and getting extra skill points ;)

    And Happy Birthday for the other day :)
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    Re: Base Skill Calculation

    Will have to check again if I have put any into Nature... I probably did :)

    Shouldn't I have then:

    18 x Druid x 10 Nature = 180
    21 x Stormie x 10 Nature = 210
    Total = 390 (plus any I may have...
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    Base Skill Calculation

    Hi folks,

    Quick question - I am a 41 STMD 18 DRU and my base Nature skill is 235. Anyone explain why? I thought I got 10 Nature per level for STMD or DRU, so shouldn't I have base 410? Or do I...
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    Re: Static Download of the World

    If I have read the previous posts (and understood!) correctly, having a static world cache that the client has pre-downloaded would mean much quicker times moving between different areas. In...
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    Re: Talk to the Team: Neo Schools

    For background - I have a STMD 43 at the moment, and a 60 SPR.

    1. Assuming the abilities for Neo-Monk/FlameDisciple were completed through level 100, would you like to see these schools replace...
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