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  1. To meet a beast... (Open roleplay, feel free to join!)

    (Sooo, I need to develop more on Maryam. Her personality and story in full is not yet complete, but I develop more in roleplay than on my own. Also; lots of art done by myself over on deviantart as...
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    A Vampire in Her Lonesome (Chapter One)

    (I am ashamed of myself for disappearing like that! Leaving a story open without any notice what-so-ever... But not to fear! I am back and hopefully for a long while. I will still be doing the story...
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    Seryan Elreng: Sight of Flame (Chapter One)

    (Hi ho!! This is my first time posting on the forums, and feedback is much welcomed! This is the story of my character, Seryan. I'm starting from the beginning, so please bear with me.)

    Scales the...
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