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Thread: need help installing Pekka's map pack

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    Default need help installing Pekka's map pack

    Yeah, I feel like an idiot having to ask, but ...

    I've tried installing/uninstalling/reinstallingit several times and it doesn't show up in game.

    What could I possibly be doing wrong? [:$]

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    Default Re: need help installing Pekka's map pack

    Hmmm I can think of two possible mistakes:
    * Did you choose the correct folder/disk driveto install?
    * You did the install first and then launched the game? It does not work when you install it during the running game.
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    Default Re: need help installing Pekka's map pack

    Thank you for much appreciated input. [:)]

    I'm not at all sure I chose the right folder. I tried doing it the first few times to the folder the installer defaults to - which off the top of my head I think is just the general 'Horizons' folder, then out of frustration kept going in and trying whichever various sub folders looked like likely candidates.(Only onedrive, so that's not an issue.) Yeah, I know I probably ran the risk of screwing things up by trying to install it wherever, but I did uninstall and repatch between attempts aftercheckingin-game to see if it had worked.

    And I did the install with the game running the first time I think, and then realizing my mistake, I tried it again about seventeen times without it running, so unless I messed something up the first time that affected the next install attempts, that can't be it either. [^o)]

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