i know of the current restrictions but pets can be created through a different means.

It requires a few things we already have in the game
spell effects and visualspell effects that can be attached to our characters(parrots, visual of a snarling skull swining around on our shoulder ect ect)

#1 it would come in the form of a buff for classes that by themselves are weak and can only be cast in that form alone

#2 the spell would simply create a buff with petlike effects and a visual of a beast that followsthe casters moves.In battle it wouldexecute unfocused combat styles while the master is in combat mode(all pets buffs would create a small ae dmg effect centered around the caster similating damage from the pet itself. this would be triggered by the caster/bowman's first attack)

a. petlike abilities(that are technically considered a spell in terms of programming)
damage mitigation/small block percentage/ and small ae damage or small ae heal

Kill an arbotus and look for the dancing squirrel this can be done! they just won't realy be pets, but at least we will see people running around with them, and those classes that realy need them to function as a class could.