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Thread: Dead mice and dead spiders

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    Default Dead mice and dead spiders

    I'll happily buy these items from anyone who doesn't want them, or I can turn them into chocolate spiders and chocolate mice (the latter is for saris, sslik, and dragons only) if you prefer [:)]

    I also do a special line in [Gummy Maggots] if anyone is interested, some can be found on sale with Fellea the consigner in Kion. I'll make up a few other treats to share with you all soon, including the first drink [D]

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    Royal loves dead mouse!
    Royall on Order / Royal_wind_unity, Royall on Chaos
    Dinsdag on EU-Evernight (LOTRO)

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    People are dumping significant quantities of dead mice on me, so I've given up trying to offer money for them because a) there's too many of them, and b) people aren't really into chocolate mice.

    I'll still buy dead spiders, or make your dead spiders into choccy spiders if that's preferable to yourselves [:)]

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