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    Since explaining it ingame is kind of tricky, here's a screen of how to setup colored text.
    This text color will only work if used from your main chat tab (whichever is set to show /say).
    If you type '/say [text]' from your guild tab or any other such channel, it will show up white.

    Decimals as well as whole numbers can be plugged in to tweak hues even more. See the example below:

    Have fun, tis a neat little code to personalize your conversation. ^ ^

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    Is it numbers 0 - 9?
    or 99?

    nice to post it though thx

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    0.0 to 1.0 are the number ranges
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    I was trying to play with it by setting up an alias. Ill give your way a try real soon!
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    Please refrain from using this as default command. See thread in suggestions forum to find out the reason why.
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    Default Re: Colored '/say' Text

    image link is broken, please re-post or describe please
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    I think it works like this:

    For the chat settings, make sure the "emote" box is checked, as it activates the color prefix to work.
    In the lower part, check default prefix.
    In the text box to the right of that, enter /chatname <!--color r=0.2 b=1 c=0> where chatname is the name of the chat for the colored text, and be sure to put a space after the final > . I'm not 100% sure that it can work for any chat; I only use it for local (omit the /chatname), guild (use /gu) and group (use /g).

    Numbers may be varied between 0 and 1 reasonably well; higher than that makes them too bright and things start turning white. Also please note that there seems to be a character limit on the prefix to be used, so if you have a long chatname you may be stuck using a hotkey alias thingy instead.

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