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    can anybody tell me were i can find the trainer hu givs out the quests for the imatation scales please

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    Sure. It's Vladtmort. The easiest way to get to him is to port to Tazoon West. from there, go north along the west wall till you find a portal. This will take you to the Floating Island.

    When you land, turn south on the landing pad, and run off the side of the island.

    After the cool fall, start running south and a little west up the side of the cliff fast as there are some rather NASTY monsters in there with you.

    At the top of the cliff, you should find a road that goes mostly north-south where you are at. Follow that road North. It will turn west, then south. When you are running south, keep your eyes open to your left for a odd pile of rocks, and a lair opening. He's in there.[:)]
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