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Thread: Please help us

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    Default Please help us

    Moderators, please leave this on general for a few days before moving it to the server forums so that Tulga may read this. I assume the devs visit the unity board very rarely.

    We really need some help on Unity at the moment. There are several serious issues and GN is totally ignoring us. Several player can?t even play anymore. For all of these issues tickets have been made but GN just closed the tickets without even bothering to respond!. Luca was last seen on 28-09-2005, he replied to a question we had about the multiple plot per account issue, he said: ?I've asked some vital information about this yesterday, I'll post the answer as soon as I get the information back.?
    Not a peep from him or anyone at GN since.

    The following issues are currently annoying us on Unity:

    - There are NO plot reclamations running. - It is possible to own one plot per character. This is without owning extra cd keys.
    It should be one plot/lair per account.
    GN said they would deal with this months ago, but so far nothing.
    This exploit must be fixed! - The security certificate still has not been updated. - Jacques went missing but is now back. Unfortunately he is now missing several masks from his inventory, there are only 3 dragon masks available. - Several dragons suffer a problem that causes the Sleeper to say nothing but ?Zzz? when they speak to him. They have tried all the workarounds that were given to us through IRC but it doesn?t work. One dragon who is suffering this that pops to mind is Retsnom. - Some people have changed their login name to a new email address. Now they cannot login anymore, no matter witch username they use. - GN closes support tickets without response (this one really angers me)

    These are just the problems I know from the top of my head, this is just what is complained about in the chat channels. I assume there are more problems that simply have not been reported in the chat channels.

    Please help us out Tulga, GN?s complete lack of customer support is totally getting out of hand. Please give GN a swift kick in the arse to get them to do their job.
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    Default Re: Please help us

    Please donot move this to rants as well,.... this really is no rant at all. Just a shout for help.

    Cobal already said all.Just here to second this.

    We really need help.

    Please Tulga... at least tell us whatWE can do if you can't do anything. Something has to happen or Unity will be gone. Either because GN pulls the powersupply or because people leave. And to many of my friends left, not because of the game... only because of GN.

    Again, please...we only want help... dont make this a rant.

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    Default Re: Please help us

    [*]There is no conssignement list on the web for unity[*]It is no possible to own multiple keys on one account[*]Last Worldmaster login is unkown (do we still have one?)[*]There is no launcher/updater[*]Support and login page are ages out of date[/list]example:

    Horizons: Empire of Istaria Current Known Issues List[*]Currently you can consign 5 items per account; the 5 item limit includes all characters and CD-Keys on that account.[*]When a consigner returns a techniqued item to your Vault, sometimes the technique disappears.[*]Spells that have been techniqued may not be given a special prefix or suffix. If this is the case, the spell name is preceded by a space to indicate its techniqued status until a proper name like ""Spell of Technique"" or ""Techniqued Spell"" can be applied. The space before the name will make these spells display at the top of the list on Consigners when sorting alphabetically. You can use the ""Show Details"" option or the mouse-over information if you wish to know whether or not a spell is techniqued.[*]Often times the construction tab of the plot details window may not be available when you're trying to contribute resources. Logging out and back in allows access for now until we get a suitable fix out.[*]Birds in Sslanis have no texture and don't go anywhere.[*]Rend Armor can drop players stats into a negative value.[*]Random NPC's face north.[*]Windows 98x machines (98SE, ME) have issues with the top of the screen not functioning in game and out of game but while the game is running.[*]Sometimes the world objects will reload (vanish then get drawn again) as you move toward them.[*]Sometimes NPCs will stay in their low resolution model when you get close to them rather than change into their better looking model.[*]Plots of land can not be sold to other players once they have been purchased.[*]The Mason trainer in Dalimond offers to let you join the Jewelers school but still makes you a member of the Mason school.[*]Intermittently when you recall to Kirasanct can appear beneath the city.[*]Character interface preferences are not saved in the same session that the character was created in. Please make your character and log into the world, then log out and back in before spending your time setting up your interface.[*]Some ability effects are not showing up in game.[*]Some NPCs say %message% instead of their normal text.[*]If you delete a structure that has money added to it, for payment to crafters, that money is lost.[*]Once you add money to a structure, you cannot remove it. You can still add to it however.[*]When casting Phoenix Rising on any target you receive an 'invalid target message.'[*]Some characters are unable to reach the area around the Sslanis shrine due to a red forcefield.[/list]Modified : 2005-11-13 23:50:17
    Why is known issue list updated two days ago and shows bugs from january 04?
    Our whole knowledge base is like this and we donnt have acces to NA knowledgebase
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    Default Re: Please help us

    sometimes teched tools just disappear out of the Vault.
    Mob disappear before you can loot them
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    Default Re: Please help us

    I agree please dont move this we need help big time. My m8 is one of these people who cannot log in. He changed his username then could not login l8r he relieased he mistyped his username so he started playing again but he changed it again to something he can remember but now he has been 2 weeks not being able to log in

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    Default Re: Please help us

    I do not know for sure if the following is true but just my thoughts on the matter. I wish you all the luck in getting help first.

    I assume that Tulga/Artifact way back when made a deal that they can not now break. They either sold the rights or leased them for X number of years. If they sold the rights should of GN going under or just giving up rights there is nothing that can be done. If they are leasing then once the X years are done then they could pull you guys over to the US servers I would think. But until GN releases their rights, what ever their are there is nothing to be done. The people that you need to plead a case to would be GN. Who does not seem to be listening.

    What it sounds like to me they have done to cut cost is basically went to a skeleton crew. Some one to apply patches, reset the server as needed and some one to close support cases. That way they make the most money they can.

    The only thing I could see Tulga doing, but not sure if they are allowed to with the contract they have with GN is to allow oversea accounts to sign-up as new on the US servers.

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    Default Re: Please help us

    This is bad. I'm not a unity player myself, however, if what all this being said is true(which I have no doubt it is)....

    TG Does excellent support as far as I'm concerned, on the NA shards. Why should our european friends have to suffer like this? I personally would enjoy it if Unity merged with Chaos/order(perhaps a choice?). I know that may be out of the quesiton, but at least push GN around a little bit and get them on their toes. You hired them for a reason. If I got hired to teach a class, and just sat there and let the kids talk and do nothing, would I stay in the job? Not for long.
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    Default Re: Please help us

    I have always thought to make us (unity) a 4th US shard that way no1 will have to risk losing a plot or fiddling about..even we wouldnt have to be a US shard is we got a nice bit of support (not ranting or anything)

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    Default Re: Please help us

    wow, this is really sad. best of luck unity, maybe someday you will get the support you deserve.
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    Default Re: Please help us

    The only thing I could see Tulga doing, but not sure if they are allowed to with the contract they have with GN is to allow oversea accounts to sign-up as new on the US servers.

    euro players can already play on NA servers, or at least the trial (but you give credit card data when signing up for the trial so turning into a real account should not be a problem, right?)

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    Default Re: Please help us

    yes GN is really frustrating

    if we ask questions in there boards we get a small % that we get an answer (but real rare)

    best would be to take them the licence and find a new hoster (with the existing Database)

    i think the contract between Tulga and GN is with some clauses. maybe GN harmed some of them? the right of their players for support? with good servers?

    i dont want to rant so please help us! we pay for a great game

    but GN is the reason why many customers left and if they continue then Horizons will only be playable in the USA

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    Default Re: Please help us

    Quote Originally Posted by Sibbe
    The only thing I could see Tulga doing, but not sure if they are allowed to with the contract they have with GN is to allow oversea accounts to sign-up as new on the US servers.

    euro players can already play on NA servers, or at least the trial (but you give credit card data when signing up for the trial so turning into a real account should not be a problem, right?)
    Last I heard, long ago, is you had to have a US address for the Credit Card. Not sure if that is still true.

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    Default Re: Please help us

    Quote Originally Posted by Sibbe
    -euro players can already play on NA servers, or at least the trial (but you give credit card data when signing up for the trial so turning into a real account should not be a problem, right?)
    Yes you can. I (living in Germany) have besides my normal Unity-account a second account for the NA-Servers. Payment is via Creditcard.

    I really really hope that the issues are being solved before all players leave. Thank you for posting Cobal. Its very much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Please help us

    There has been quite a few people leaving unity of l8 ive there an offical statement from TG or DB about this matter they could post here?

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    Default Re: Please help us

    This sounds just totally wrong. in NA we have much better support,dev interaction and content. Something needs to be done for the unity players so they can enjoy the same positive experiences that we do. this thread is not a rant by any means and i hope something is done soon to correct the mess going on so everyone can enjoy Horizons and get the same benefits,support and fixes as some of those exloits and issues sound way too serious to be left as is and the customer servive sounds as bad or worse then early days on the NA shards where we umm had like none....

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    Default Re: Please help us

    I've been locked out og the game for nearly 2 weeks now and after sending 3 complaints about the prob and getting no response, i simply resigned to the fact that i'll not be playing it anymore... theres no way i'm starting the whole game from scratch again. My accounts also set to autobilling so i have to change creditcard details aswell coz i cant log in to cancel it.

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    Default Re: Please help us

    Quote Originally Posted by Deth
    Last I heard, long ago, is you had to have a US address for the Credit Card. Not sure if that is still true.
    As an Aussie playing on US servers I can state categorically that you do not need a US address..

    Give Unity the same respect and CS that we currently enjoy.

    This is not a rant - it is a cry for assistance from a group of people who have gonebeyond the normal bounds of perseverence .. The fact that they are still with "us" should saysomething.

    TG - ( I know there are contractual issues) But, give Unity the sameservice that we expect and have.

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    Default Re: Please help us

    I think this absolutely awful. I do believe you can have a US acct while being in Europe. If anyone decides to make the move and you join Chaos, I'd be willing to help in any way that could to get players started. I'm part of a great guild which would welcome and help refugees from the Unity shard.

    I'm pretty sure that many on Order/Chaos have the same feelings as me. We, in the US, don't like seeing this happen to those across the pond. There's not a lot the US players could do besides offer respect and support to the Unity players that make the move to a US server. I'll offer my support to those that can't bare to leave their characters they've worked so hard on - but - I'm not sure howmuch good that will do.

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    Default Re: Please help us

    Another Unity player here who wants what has already been asked for by other players of the same shard.

    We're tired of the cycle, we've had it for almost two years with Horizons, and for some of us, even longer with the other games they host. The cycle goes like this : Game launch, big fuss, lots of attention from GN. 3 months later support dies off, everyone's wondering what is happening with their support tickets and emails. Eventually a big public fuss on a forum makes GN wake up and so they get to work proving us wrong by bein really good with support. For two weeks. Then they go to sleep again. A month or two passes. Restlessness amongst customers builds up again. Big outcry about lack of support on some public medium such as forums. GN crack their knuckles and get busy trying to prove that support is something they can handle. Two weeks pass. People find their tickets being ignored again. This cycle has gone on too long.

    Please Tulga give us some reassurances that things will improve. This is your game, many of us still play despite GN's lack of activity because we thoroughly enjoy playing Horizons. Don't let GN blemish what is areal gem in the mmorpg market.

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    Default Re: Please help us

    It's soon gonna get so bad you guys won't even get patches anymore. Come on TG! Is there *nothing* you can do for Unity? This seriously almost brings me to tears. Wanna kill the game, keep letting GN run Euro HZ into the ground.

    If there was only a way that Unity characters could be copied over and the NA communities pull together to help out the ex-pats of Unity get back on their feet plot wise (I know there are still PLENTY of plots available on Chaos and while not all huge, there are still some fair sized plots to be had). we could keep our community flourishing.

    I could make a new banner and start a refreshed campaign but we've seen what results the first banner campaign gave. I don't see it helping anymore. :( It's no wonder the Legend of Mir players invaded the HZ boards when HZ was first released. I wouldn't doubt they were in the same boat Unity is in now.

    *wonders which game GN has gotten lucky to pick up and has given all their attention to now*

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