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    I just wanted to take a moment and publicly thank Silverest and his guild ( Semper Fidelis ) for their generous and kind ways. We had a most unfortunate situation developebetween our guilds due to the actions of a couple of our guild former guild members..btw. Not only did Silverest and his guild mates ( Semper Fidelis) respond in a most honorable way...he proceded to help my guild by crafting numerous cargo disks of all tiers. We did not request this...he simply offered out of the blue. This was amost sincere action ..done with such ease that I can tell it's standard operating procedure. In all honesty...I was totally floored !! Never in my years of mmorpg gaming have I seen someone respond in such an honorable fashion while in the midst of such nasty drama. My hats off to him and his guild !! Let it be known that the Legendary Heroes clan is in your debt. We will be there for you and your clan anytime the need may arise. I wish you and your guild nothing but the best as yall defend and rebuild Istaria.

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    I don't know, nor do I need to know, the story but the punchline is awesome.

    Kudos to the pair of you for sorting things out constructively and thanks for sharing the positive outcome with the community.

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