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Thread: Where does everyone tend to hang out.

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    Default Where does everyone tend to hang out.

    Hi there;

    Giving Blight a look over after being gone for a long, long while. I reactivated my old account and am wandering around looking to see what is happening. I'm amazed at how empty all the towns are. If I pass two players at one time, it seems crowded. Where does everyone tend to hang out?

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    HI !!!

    Jump into Old Blight Chat and give a yell. We don't have very many peeps playing on Blight at any given timeand we are all different levels so having 2 peeps in the same town is rare indeed. I have played here for over year and never meet most peeps face to face until Illy summons us all together for a fps combat test. If you jump into the Old Blight chat and say hey at least we may be able to hook you up with some company.

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    Well, there's so few people that actually play on Blight at any given time (now anyway, I don't know what it was like a year ago and such).

    Do a /who and see where we are. I try to get on there everyday.

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    Ummmmmmm this is about 8 months old.

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