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Thread: text command for item creation?

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    Default text command for item creation?

    Is there such a command? If so, what is it? If not, is there any way to tell /window itemcreatewindow what formula I want it to be using?

    Yes, I'm aware I can hotkey formulas...that's just not what I'm looking for. :( (But it's what I'll be using for now.)

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    Default Re: text command for item creation?

    I don't think you can macro item creation. You need to open the creation window and actually click create. If you were just trying to get more onto that hotkey, you can add more to the same hotkey you linked the formula to by right-clicking and clicking Edit Hotkey.
    Your question would be easier to answer if I knew to what ends you were hoping to get to.


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    Default Re: text command for item creation?

    Raptress is correct. You can, however, macro the front and rear prep, if you will. I have macros for all creatable objects in my hotbar that look similar to the following (you will have to tweak it according to your computer's specs, most likely):[*]Equip Item: <whatever tool you need for creation>[*]Create Item: <item to be created>[*]Wait: 6 seconds (your timing may need to be higher or lower)[*]Equip Item: <tool you would normally harvest with>[*]Equip Item: <I always put my Tarbash Bag of Surprises here, you may put whatever>[/list]The last two equips are merely for convenience and can be ommitted entirely. If you omit them, however, also omit the Wait: x seconds command


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