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    Soon after the mighty kings demise, the Humans had called together their mighty council to discuss their position on the up coming conflict. The humans had quickly decided for war, without even sending a Declaration to the Giants as was customary in these circumstances?. 700,000 men were to be used. By far more than what was necessary, I was one of those men? my name is Tribunal, and little I knew of the role I was to play.

    ?TRIBUNAL! GET UP!? I lay asleep on my bed as my mother called from outside my door, which wasn?t there much longer. It was another day and I refused to get up from my slumber to start my chores, as my mother kicked in the door for a third time this moon cycle, she picked up my prized Gurok tusk and threw it at my head? with incredible force I might add. THUMP! ?Ouch,? I squinted my eyes, ?Mother it?s a Sunday must the mill be cleaned today, we have done no work in it for weeks.? Mother gave me a dark stare, ?I have my duties and you have yours, GET ON IT NOW!? she continued to storm my room and find me clothes to wear to start out the day.

    After a few hours of work I was called in for lunch. ?What is this?!?? I quickly replied. ?It?s Gurok soup.? Mother answered. With a smart wit I immediately asked, ?I didn?t ask what it was supposed to be I asked what it was.? Again another household object had been turned weapon and thrown at my head. Half way through lunch a messenger had arrived at my door. I continued to eat as the mother figure answered it, awhile had passed and the door was shut quite some time ago. I got up and walked to my living room. There I saw her, my mother crying. ?What is the matter mom?? I asked. She replied ?The king is dead.? ?Is that such tragic news as to cry so hysterically as you are?? I remarked. She looked at me? there was a pause, ?You?re being sent off to war.?

    A thorn hit my heart; I quickly grabbed it and fell backwards at the ground. I stumbled over many objects in the area, and then ran out the back door. I went to the mill and started cleaning furiously, tears running down my face. ?Why me? Why me? Why me? Why me?? I continuously asked myself. My mother came and stood next to the mill doors. Holding her head with one arm supported by the other. I looked at her, tears pouring. ?I?m too young, this isn?t fair, and I have so much to live for. I can?t leave my family!? Mother just stood there, and answered ?They will be here tomorrow to pick you up.?

    I managed to make it through the rest of the day, contemplating my way out of this mess though, but the time had come. My last night at my house. What a horrible night it was. My dreams were nightmares. A chant running through my mind over and over again.

    ?Off to war-
    Heroes young and old-
    Off to war-
    Soldier?s fates unfold-

    Do not worry Young?n-
    You?re death does not lie here-
    Please do not cry-
    Rebirth is soon here-

    With your last breath you will fight-
    To be reborn-
    And die your old body shall-
    Bitter and torn-

    A hero will rise-
    Misunderstood and hunted-
    Family and friends will hate you-
    But you will be undaunted-?

    I heard this again and again, with no knowledge of what it meant.

    The day had come? They were at my door. There was a band of men from my village most of which I had never met. The wagon driven by Ruxus was waiting for me. I stepped out my door, and into the war. My life was changed.

    ?Although for lack of knowledge of a spy in the council, the Giants were warned of the oncoming invasion. And preparing for it they were. With the Help of the Dwarfs, and the Fiends. We were walking blindly into a death trap.

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    although I don't rank this above my other story it is just setting my part of the story up, the two should combine for the third.

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    Another good read Tribunal. [Y]

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